The Hidden World season 2 release date confirmed: Winter 2024.


  • Arcane Season 2 has been confirmed for release in Winter 2024, as announced at the Tencent Video V Vision conference.
  • The success of the first season led to a renewal of the show, although production on the second season could have started earlier if they had expected a positive response.
  • Even though the second season’s production time will be shorter than the first, there will still be three years between the two seasons. The finale of the first season suggests an aggravation of the conflict between the main characters.

The highly anticipated second season of Arcane has been confirmed for 2024. The Netflix animated series is set in the League of Legends universe. The Netflix animated series follows Violet and Jinx, two sisters who find themselves in a rift between the idealistic metropolis of Piltover and its dangerous sub. a city called Zaun. The show debuted on Netflix in November 2021 and became the highest rated show in the week after it premiered. It achieved critical and commercial success, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. Despite the fact that Netflix renewed the show for a second season, developments are taking some time: the wait will last up to two years.

At the recent Video V Vision conference hosted by Tencent, the Chinese parent company of League of Legends, it was announced that the second season of Arcane will be released in the winter of 2024. Check out the image below (via @LeagueOfLeaks)

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent also previously stated that production on the second season would have started much sooner if they had predicted the success of the first season.

What else do we know about the second season of Arcane

The team behind this adventure series has shown a willingness to carefully craft the world of Arcane. It is noteworthy that the creation of the first season took six years. Although the second season will take place over a shorter period of time, three years is still a relatively large gap between seasons. While there is no confirmation as to the direction of the second season, the season one finale strongly hints that the fragile peace between Violet and Jinx and their cities is on the verge of escalating into total chaos.

In terms of voicing Arcane, Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) is expected to return to voice V, while Ella Purnell (The Yellow Jackets) and Kathy Leung (Peripheral) are also expected to return. voiced by Jinx and Caitlin, respectively. Executive Producer Christian Linke also talked about the surprise soundtrack for Season 2.

While Hidden Secrets’ second season’s confirmed release window is good news for the show’s progression, it’s still a long way from its 2024 return, and will still require a whole year of waiting. However, if the creators of the series manage to bring back the glitz and emotion of the first season, the wait will definitely be worth it.

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