“The high number of visitors to the show allows us to reach a lot of people and take advantage of opportunities for spread prevention and vaccination”

“The Ministry of Health is carrying out its activities within the framework of Expo Bolivar. As we know, this is an event that brings together the entire community and region, due to its importance and we do not want to miss the spread of preventive measures or even the vaccination Opportunity”.

Tetanus and Hepatitis B

“Since 2016, we have been working with rural associations to provide prevention by vaccinating rural workers and people involved in related activities with two very important vaccines, such as tetanus and hepatitis. B. This time, we also add Other actions such as spreading diversity-friendly and sexual reproductive health clinics.”

Dr. José María Maluendez performs CPR

On Wednesdays and Fridays, José will be at the wellness station located at the entrance of the hotel from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

Well, he’ll be there to do what we call step-by-step CPR. Features practices and common elements used in different courses that have been taught. “It is very important to learn how to save lives in emergencies, and since it is possible to own him and his tendencies, we decided to offer this option to those who would like to do so while walking or visiting an exhibition,” he said.

Get vaccinated against Argentine hemorrhagic fever this Saturday

This is a preventable disease, but it must be considered that it can be serious and even fatal. It develops after bites from infected rodents in fields in rural areas. “This Saturday they will be coming from the zoonotic countryside in Region 9 to be vaccinated and we think it is very important that people associated with rural activities take the opportunity to get vaccinated,” he said.


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