The History Of Huawei Haram, The Use Of Google, The Fate Of Its Users Do?


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Huawei, the technology company on the black list of the companies in the United States (US). Sanctions handed down to US, all of Huawei devices are not able to use that technology from US companies, including Google. Then, as the fate of its users?

Legal director of Android & Google Play, Tristan Ostrowski said, Google can’t confirm, the phone new Huawei to support its application because of the ban.

“Google is prohibited from the cooperation with Huawei for a new device, or Google apps, like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store and others can be installed and downloaded in the device [Huawei]”said Tristan in a post in the official blog of Android, reported by The Verge.

“Due to the limitations of the government, the new devices from Huawei, which started after may 16, can not use in 2019, the process safety of Google,” he said.

Google warns mobile users of Huawei latest edition, for example, the P40 and P40 Per about the dangers, if you don’t download the Google app from a third party.

If the user, the force for insertion of the application-the application in the device, which is not certified, Google can’t guarantee whether or not the app is going to be a original, the is clean of malware.

“The application Google not work in sideload, because we are not that this service is added to run on a device that is not certified, in which the safety is not guaranteed”, Tristan.

Google is trying to avoid a political problem, when you publish this paper on its website. Ostrowski ended the statement by emphasizing how you can check if the phone of the user to the Google Play to Protect to be protected.

To check “whether your device is certified, please open Google Play on your phone to Save, touch menu, settings, search, and sees the certification-to Protect and Play (or not),” said Tristan.

To replace meanwhile, Huawei has been signaled to the Android device with an OS of its own. Huawei is slowly Google services with other companies such as TomTom maps and navigation to replace the device, the phone.

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