The history of the crop top and celebrities who made a scandal

Barely twenty years old Marilyn Monroe she wears it in a ruffle pattern in a 1946 portrait.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Marilyn Monroe before Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean Mortenson poses in a printed crop top

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Jane Birkin, on the other hand, the quintessence of femininity, on the Cannes beach with Serge, in high-waisted trousers and white crochet. Britney? Well, there’s a little less finesse in it, but that’s forgiven, as the years (the nineties leading up to the 2000s) are what they are. One piece of clothing, a crop top, a thousand faces, as many as there have been in his history., which we imagine is born from there; of the fifties voluptuous pin-ups ripping off the swimsuit from the imposed chastity, but no, and you have to make the memory jump in time. And geographical. For women (men deserve a separate story, what will we do) traces of a cropped top – a T-shirt or a short T-shirt that opens the navel – lead to India as a sari.worn since ancient times choli, that is, just a shirt or corset that exposes the stomach. But even more direct connection, visual and other, bedlaEgyptian folk costumecommonly known as the ballerina two-piece suit Rax Sharqi art, which, thanks to the Columbian Fair in Chicago in 1893 (celebrating the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America), went down in history as Belly dance. This unsettling ballet reaches the West thanks to Badia Masabni, a self-taught dulcimer player and former dancer who opened in Cairo in 1926. Casino Operacabaret that introduces the world to belly dance and its costumes, much visited by the international elite and later by spies and the military. Although it is known cropped t-shirts however, in the thirties he struggled to establish himself as a fashionable wardrobe item, he was accused of immodest exoticism and limited to the imagination of dancers and nothing more.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Crop top by Madame Grès worn by a model in 1946.

Genevieve Naylor//Getty Images

Popularity – in the form of a blouse tied above the navel, paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt – comes from the 1940s., (also) the rationing of post-war textiles made it necessary to cut where possible, and the solution seemed practical but chic. Of course, the time has not yet come and strips of skin to expose Kote sexy young women, they are still hard to digest, and it happens that in Central Park in 1945 a woman was fined for walking serenely in a micro-top and shorts. The reduced blouse (or T-shirt) finally cleared customs in the 50s and 60s.and if the former look at pin-up sensuality a la Marilyn, whose sheer physicality nevertheless becomes an emblem of the objectification of the female body, the latter turn their eyes to the anti-fashion of the hippies, who, faithful preachers of the revival or ethnic style, plunder hands down from those Eastern cultures that gave birth to the crop top. As the master of street style (aka anthropologist Ted Polhemus) predicted, the authenticity of anti-fashion ends at the very moment when the industry appropriates revolutionary codes for itself, actually putting them into fashion. Jane Birkin at Cannes in 1969 isn’t too shocking, but it’s a postcard of sublime beauty and a snapshot of an era on the Croisette that will never tire us.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Jane Birkin wearing the iconic crochet crop top at Cannes with Serge Gainsbourg in 1969.

Keystone-France//Getty Images

Between the red carpet and television: Cher, Raffaella Carra and the legendary navel

Scandals, scandals and more scandals. On both sides of the ocean. In the 1970s, the crop top, which in the meantime became more and more ridiculous, stirred souls and consciences and rocked the red carpet of the Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills, as well as the stage of the Teatro delle Vittori in Rome.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Cher wore one of the first crop tops in red carpet history to the 1973 Golden Globes.

Max B. Miller//Getty Images

Really Cher– in the imagination of the one and only navel in the world – he has used it massively since the beginning of the decade, in solo show performances, as well as hand in hand with his then partner Sonny Bono on television. First stomach the small screen is his, but the climax of the buzz reaches him on the red carpet of the ’73 Golden Globes. when she arrives wrapped in a maxi fur and floral motif set embroidered with sequins and a micro bralette to (reveal) enough. A seductive doppelgänger of punished Sonny (in a custom-made tuxedo) takes over the stage and kicks off an annals-recorded red carpet run.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Raffella Carr during rehearsals Very song in 1970, with a very small crop top

Portfolio Mondadori//Getty Images

Instead, she arrives in conservative and fanatical Italy, legendary and unforgettable. Raffaella Carra which, in tandem with Corrado, adds a little peppercorn Very song. Sing But what kind of music maestro in flared trousers and a very small turtleneck, ties and drawstrings at the arms and an iconic navel exposed. DC leaders are angry, Vatican too, Paradise too. Thank God she continues undaunted and dances next year Tuka Tuka in the company of Alberto Sordi, who created the cult of the Italian costume. “Italian pop star who taught Europe the joy of sex” – so called her The keeper. Also thanks to the crop top.

For him or for her? For both: crop top from the 80s to the 2000s.

In ’83 a very young man Johnny Depp falls asleep in caps and crop tops, giving herself into the bloody paws of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, the first legend of the horror saga of Wes Craven, the film debut of the American actor. The shirt that handsome Johnny wears in the film belongs to American college football players, with sacramental numbering and strict abbreviations. “Debt” is not a random adjective: sports t-shirts– as reported some time ago in an article NSS G-Club who, in turn, sued the magazine MELthey are also called tear off and are designed to unhook players trying to stop attackers in football games. In the eighties tee decreases, becomes the hallmark of varsity teamsthus differing in uniform from NFL players. However, the sporty crop top soon became the male banner of sex appeal. and quickly moves from football to gyms and bodybuilders, who are happy to show a “cleaned” press, just as happy to bypass a fanatic dress code what prevents men from training without a shirt. A men’s crop top trend that has gone decades unscathed, worn in different ways by rockers and pop stars, and today is a fetish of a new masculinity that is not afraid of judgment.

Aerobic charmin the mythical eightiesthe same applies to the other side of the coin, featured on the big screen with legendary dance-themed films- flashdance AND Dirty Dancing above all – with a crop top that outlines the tone in abundancethe perfect synthesis of clothes in the decade of the super-body is displayed correctly. A fashion that also makes a comeback in the 90s and 2000s when all (but really all) pop stars succumb to the allure of the micro tee: Spice Girls to Britney Spearsfrom Destiny’s Child to Christina Aguilera.

the history of the crop top and all the celebrities who wore itpinterest icon

Britney Spears performing in Chicago in 1999 wearing a crop top and sequined body, as was the fashion of the time.

Paul Nutkin//Getty Images

Uniforms include ultra-low-rise trousers or jeans and a crop top, often completed with clasps and crosses to further define the waist. In recent years, by now, no one is rowdy, used to different nudity and, fortunately, abandoned the fanatical mentality that in the 1940s accused the crop top of shamelessness. However, some criticism is still heard, and it so happens that Rihannafrom the first standard-bearer of the new son view for pregnant women, capture the charm of a crop top during pregnancydisplaying an overview wrong pregnant, wrapped either in a cropped latex and lace T-shirt, or in a micro-t-shirt trimmed with fur and a few Savage. To those who criticize her for setting the bar of sex appeal too high, for turning pregnant women into a large-scale mega show, she answers this way: “Pregnancy lasts nine to ten months. You should have fun!” And breaking another taboo, (also) with seductive and revealing crop tops.

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