The history of the family, travel Cross-Country in order to Prevent COVID-19

198 – Mary Wong left his hometown in Hong Kong on 20 February with her daughter (a year old) and her husband.

The situation there looked, the city had 70 cases COVID-19-and two deaths, and officials reject the proposal in the vicinity of the border with China.

To stay safe, Wong and his family decided to fly in the direction of Philadelphia, USA, where her husband comes from.

There is no case in there, and only 15 cases in the United States. You are planning to stay for two months, the worst outbreak COVID-19, increasingly threaten Hong Kong.

Less than a month later, he returned to Hong Kong. He booked a ticket on 13th of March, on the same day that US President Donald Trump announced a national state of emergency in the country of Uncle Sam.

At that time, the first case COVID-19 confirmed in Philadelphia, hundreds reported in the state of New York, and the cases called in the U.S., more than 2,000 cases.

“It is, in fact, come to a clear decision,” said Wong.

“Hong Kong seemed to be more secure. Even in the suburbs, we don’t know how many people go to New York or another state, and back to Philadelphia.”

Wong is one of the few families who escaped from Asia, when the corona virus spread in China. Then suddenly the business went thousands of miles away, it is even more dangerous.

Travel and home Wong shows the worldwide, rapid spread of the virus, the causes, COVID-19, virus now more than 380,000 people in almost every corner of the world has been infected.

Wong has returned to Hong Kong three days before the government imposed a mandatory quarantine of 14 days for all visitors from abroad-even if Wong lived in the house for two weeks as a precautionary measure.

Authorities worry the man who returned from the United States and Europe-including the students who is studying abroad-the main cause of new infections.

Hong Kong is the elimination of managed most of the shaft of the epidemic first. But it is almost 400 confirmed cases were in the semi-Autonomous region in China on Tuesday, more than two-fold compared to the previous week.

The majority of cases of corona virus in the last week brought the people, the trips to places such as Europe and the United States.

Not only Hong Kong. Singapore’s health Ministry said nearly 80 percent of the new cases of the corona virus during the last three days were from the tourists. Taiwan also see the same trend.

In China, where the corona-virus was reported for the first time, in the case of imports seem to have exceeded the local transmission for almost a week.

Hubei province, Wuhan, where –is a town affected by the severity, you should note there is no infection for five days in a row last week.

A new phase

At the beginning of the outbreak, countries around the world to quickly make the ban on tourists from China and other Asian countries.

But more than three months later, Europe and the United States has in the middle of a new outbreak, with thousands of cases COVID-19, every day.

That means that the tourists of the region at the risk of triggering new outbreaks in some parts of Asia, the majority of which was in the control of the virus.

“We are moving into a new phase,” said Ben Cowling, an associate professor of epidemiology of infectious diseases at the University of Hong Kong, said.

“In a week or two, we could not see a breakout, where we really know where people get the virus.”

“Maybe someone who came with the infection is not identified, give it to the members of the family and the community. It will happen in Hong Kong and other regions in Asia,” said Cowling.

In Singapore, the closure of the school, which ended recently, coincided with a rise in the cases of corona virus in Europe and the United States, according to Hsu Li yang, an associate professor and expert on infectious diseases at the National University of Singapore.

“Many children and parents travel to a foreign country, everything is back now. So we say that the number of cases is high for the next few weeks,” said Hsu.

All the people who come to Hong Kong now have quarantine for two weeks, and as of Wednesday they were not prohibited resident in Hong Kong, to enter or transit in the region.

In China, the policy is different in every city. In Shanghai, a traveler from countries such as the USA, Italy, France and Spain, a quarantine of 14 days, they had to go through.

While all of the people who come to Beijing will be sent to the quarantine center. Taiwan and Singapore, all of the visitors that have come banned for a short period of time.

Same as Wong, Ran Elfassy also travel to the United States, with her daughter, who was 8 years old, as the case COVID-19 increased in Hong Kong.

He returned to the city on March 10, less than a week before the local authorities, a command of quarantine of 14 days imposed is mandatory for all participants.

48-year-old man who has a company, a business consultant, takes her daughter with the family living in Savannah, Georgia, USA, at the beginning of February.

This decision, he said, not because of the fear of the contract to win the illness, but his desire, a sense of normal for both of you.

“My wife and I are looking for the news and we realize there is a lot of panic,” said Elfassy.

“We expect people to stay in the house, so we thought it would be better to go to a place where it is urgent, is not low, his movements are limited.”

Elfassy can work remotely, and your daughter will not have difficulties in the tasks to complete to learn online from the USA. While his wife remained in Hong Kong.

During the first few weeks in Savannah, corona virus has not yet appeared in the local news.

“That is why we go,” he said.

About one and a half months, they settled in Savannah, before the first case was confirmed, in Atlanta.

“I heard the people start, buying food and toilet paper, and then my father told me he went to Walmart, have all the bread and milk is gone,” he said.

Elfassy, decided it was time you went to a flight home planned for him and his daughter.

“We could start feeling the panic to happen in the Savannah. Not denying you can, the virus has landed in the main in the United States, and begin to be a problem,” he said.

“It is the same in both places, so we can better stay in Hong Kong.”

The plague originally came from the Chinese mainland, it has become a global pandemic.

The number of cases outside of China is now far in excess of the country, where on Monday, the case in China is only around a quarter of the cases worldwide, according to the John Hopkins University.

Death toll in Italy, which has almost 64,000 cases now exceeded the death in China.

The USA has around 4,400 cases of the last week, now at least 46.400 case reports, making it the country with the infection, the third highest.

Experts fear that the virus managed to beat around the world for the future.

“This Virus is Bouncing around for a year or two in the future. There is another place that is affected, to a different time,” said Cowling.

However, he added, because the right step, Hong Kong and Singapore seem to have no risk for the outbreak of a large scale, as it is from the USA and some European countries.

But he is concerned, the Chinese are back, was hit hard by the corona virus in the middle of their efforts to return to normality.

China, which has reported zero local cases for the day, now loosening the restrictions.

In Beijing, traffic has returned to normal. While in Shanghai, the bartender looks mixes cocktails for the visitors to the party in the night club busy.

On Tuesday, Chinese officials announced that they have revoked the status of the blocking for the most part of Hubei province and said they would do something similar to the one in Wuhan on 8. April.

But the hood not sure. “I don’t believe that China, the second wave begins a period of peace, before long.”