“The homeland is first, that as we recede a hairline”: López Obrador offered a truce to his adversaries to coronavirus


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, called his opponents and conservatives on the unit , before the national panorama for the contingency of the coronavirus, and asked “will recede a hairline”, because the homeland is first.

“I call on the drive to the opponents, the conservatives, the homeland is first, that already, lower a hairline , because it is the campaign in the media, in networks running wild, overwhelm, pester is doing harm, because they are increasingly losing credibility, the people can be lied to once, twice, but you can’t be lied to forever, unless the people of Mexico in the current circumstance, that is a people awake sharp, aware” said the mexican head of state.

Lopez Obrador mentioned three strengths, which it believes, has Mexico against the pandemic by the Covid-19. One of them is the family, the second is that the population of the country is younger than in other nations, with an average of 28 years, and the third is the unit.

“The third is the unity of the people of Mexico we are not divided, there are political differences, ideological, but that is up in the elites, down to the village is united, and I can say happy, happy, happy, although they think otherwise, because I’m down to ground and which is the mood of the people, there is discontent against the government , there is what was said before a bad mood social, there is no such thing, although they wanted the conservatives to encourage the division to polarize not have been able or will be able to , so this helps a lot to maintain this unit and call the unit”, said.

López Obrador also reiterated the call to the population to join the compliance of the measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country and made a I urge the national unity.

“If the people we help as always, you’ll get out of this crisis, this epidemic… I Reiterate, this disease is not cured only in hospitals, are cure if we are fraternal, if we stand together, if we apply the doctrine of love of neighbor, is not only a doctor, or of the epidemic, it has to do with the strengths of the peoples, ” he said.

In his press conference Tuesday, the president of the federal was accompanied by the secretaries of Foreign affairs, Marcelo Ebrard; the National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval; the Health, Jorge Alcocer; of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda, and the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell.

On the night of last Monday, the General Health Council declared a public health emergency, the epidemic of COVID-19 in the countrythis given the exponential increase in cases reported to the Foreign secretary, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón.

“The General Health Council has determined to declare as a public health emergency by reason of force majeure to the epidemic of disease generated by the virus COVID-19”, he noted.

At a press conference, explained that the declaration will enter into available on the day of its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) and will be in force until the next 30 April of this year.

He pointed out that the General Health Council, that was held this Monday in the presence of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, determined the strengthening of the measures of social isolation and the extension of the suspension of non-essential activities.

By the above, Ebrard Casaubón called all the sectors and population to close ranks because, he said, if not done, the economic damage and the impact could be up to a year and grow poverty.

“It is better to act now for health reasons and also for reasons of economy. While more effective this month, keep us all, soon we will go back to normal” he said.

He explained that during this time you will work with the departments of Labour and of Finance and Public Credit, to protect workers, “because they can not deprive you of your salary this month, according to the law.”

With the companies that oppose these measures, he said, will come from administrative sanctions, a fine or closure, up to and including criminal liability.

“In general, who are opposed as to whether to continue their activities in spite of what has been prepared,it becomes a creditor of administrative measures (…) we are appealing to the social conscience that we have”added.

Also reported to work with the different secretariats of government to ensure both inputs, food and security to the people in the country during the contingency.

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