The hope of independence: Disability treatment with Edomex

Enrique He stood up with the help of his wife. In the past three years, independent Escaped from his days.encounter an accident Cerebrovascular This caused him to lose fluidity Although he has gradually recovered, the right side of his body and ability to speak have been affectedMotor skills.

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Before stroke, Enrique I work in a shoe factory where I collaborate on next season’s designs; now he’s there every day Center for Rehabilitation and Social Integration (CRIS) Located in the city of San Mateo Atenco.

Although he does not have full control of the right side of his body, he is able to walk, talk, and fight his way back to life with a cane.

“This is not the end, this is life changing,” he said at the end of his treatment at CRIS.

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He claims his ordeal became more severe after receiving treatment. strokeThey injected him with a toxin he couldn’t remember the name of, and he lost all mobility.

“I was bedridden and now I can move and I want to fight.”

every day Cases of people with the disease in the state of Mexico Disability They can increase because this can be congenital or acquired due to disease or accident; it is estimated that as many as 2 million people have this condition.

However, discrimination remains a factor that prevents many patients from receiving adequate treatment.

Disability in San Mateo Atenko

In San Mateo Atenco there are probably 4,000 people with some kind of disability, The most common is enginefollowed by Visualcaused by diseases such as diabetes.

In this small town, there is a Center for Rehabilitation and Social Integration Not only the patient but also his family and caregivers are taken care of because Disability It affects its entire environment.

“I really believe that all patients experience discrimination at some point in their lives; we try to remove these stigmas among the population and we also have a program called Social Inclusion through which we raise awareness , and assisting patients in the psychological field,” commented Azul Machacón Villaseñor, Director of the San Mateo Atenco Care Center for Disabled Persons.

The struggle for autonomy

for Maria Salathe attention he received crisis information system This is a way to change the fate of my daughter, maria del carmen, who suffers cerebral palsy.

“My daughter was six months old, she was premature, she had PCI at birth and three months later she got pneumonia and was hospitalized and she went into respiratory arrest three times and during that time it was… My daughter suffered very serious consequences from the beginning of this martyrdom”.

Treatment is allowed maria carmen Get to know your smile and even interact with those around you.

“My daughter wasn’t really moving, her hands were still, her legs were still, she was in a very difficult situation, but she was happy here, she loved it, she started talking to the ladies who were looking after her.”

Although it is not possible for him to complete the entire conversation yet, it is possible to say what he feels, to smile, to make contact through eyes, and for his mother, it is a miracle that he witnesses every day.

For the director Disability careAdequate treatment by experts means life-changing for people with disabilities, as the goal is to allow them to face daily life as independently as possible.

Edomex has eight crisis information system; However, San Mateo Atenco is the only one in the Toluca Valley and currently serves an average of 90 people per day, who undergo a socioeconomic study to determine whether they are willing to pay a restoration fee of 50 pesos.


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