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Hummer has been showing us for months the new face that its new model will have, the one responsible for the rebirth of the American off-road firm. Duncan Aldred, manager of the firm, has now confirmed the date on which the first deliveries of this new electric car will be made, as well as the autonomy of this initial launch variant called “Edition 1”.

Let us remember that the expectation that this model raised during its first hours with open reserves was abysmal, reaching saturation of the computer system and taking over all possible deliveries of a year in just a few hours. Such is the case that, to this day, the Hummer EV has more than 125,000 reserves, for which each of its future owners contributed an economic amount of just $ 100. Apparently, as indicated by the brand itself, 80% of them made the reservation of the launch finish “Edition 1”, which indicates that all of them have prioritized wanting to get the model as soon as possible.

This “Edition 1” is the most expensive electric Hummer that will come out of the hand of the GMC firm: its price starts at $ 110,295. Later, variants will arrive at a cheaper launch price, starting from a price of $ 80,000, starting in the year 2024. Hummer orchestrated the different launches of its future variants through an annual presentation, starting with the highest model of the range. and gradually showing year after year, the increasingly economical versions.

In the initial plans, the first deliveries of the Hummer EV Edition 1 should have been made in autumn 2021, but given the current circumstances and the shortage of components, the brand has stated that its launch model will have a small delay according to the stipulated margins. initially and will begin with its deliveries in the next month of December.


Electric Hummer EV.

This date means Hummer to get second place in terms of brands that are launched to market vehicles of this type with fully electric mechanics, an award that Rivian snatched from him just a few weeks ago, when he began with the deliveries of his R1T. Since Hummer they have not yet started with the manufacture of their first vehicles for customers, something that should happen in the coming days, with a view to meeting the first delivery date marked on the calendar. As confirmed by the manager of the brand, in the next few days they will contact the customers who made their reservation, to formalize the order and provide a final delivery date.

The Hummer EV Edition 1 will mount the most powerful and performance mechanical variant, as well as a large battery that provides a total of 530 kilometers of autonomy. A figure slightly lower than that initially announced by the brand during its first presentation, in which they assured that this version would have a range of 560 kilometers. The EPA has not confirmed this figure, although from Hummer they assure that their mileage tests have been carried out under the same standards of said protocol. As here, future mechanical variants of the Hummer EV could see their final autonomy levels revised, something that we will know as these are launched.

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