The Hunger Games, a theory about Katniss and President Snow ignites debate on the web

Hunger Games fans comment via Twitter on a new theory involving Katniss and President Snow: What is it and why is it so divisive?

One theory has sparked debate on Twitter, dividing fans of the movies and novels into two factions: there are those who support it, shouting genius, and those who believe it’s impossible because it’s not true for every theory. against which the plot is based. But let’s go in order. Jennifer Lawrence The credit for the success of his career start goes to hunger gamesbased on the novels of the same name Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen is a girl from District 12 who, in order to save her sister Prim from harvest and almost certain death, volunteers to take her place for the Hunger Games. Katniss isn’t sure she’ll last the field, but she’s willing to take Prim’s place in order to save her family. so what will it be theory He This would tie up Katniss and President Snow. Who lit Twitter’s weekend on fire?

Hunger Games fans are debunking a theory about Katniss and President Snow

as reported just JaredThe Hunger Games fans are having an enthusiastic conversation on Twitter theory went viral and it will be about Katniss and President Snow. The latter is back on the big screen as the protagonist of a prequel film, Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent, so he’ll have ample room to tell his story as a young adult. But in the main story, President Snow is a haughty man in power who absolutely does not want to be challenged, especially by a girl from District 12. The theory that has so divided the web will concern the moment of harvest. Some fans believe that President Snow specifically chose Prim to punish Katniss. For what reason? According to this theory, Snow may have punished Katniss because he knew she could create chaos and lead the district to rebellion, which is why he may have deprived her of her sister. What Snow didn’t count on was Katniss’s voluntary offer to play the game for her.

Realizing this is a theory, Hunger Games fans have taken a stand: there are those who support the theory, believing it was Snow who orchestrated the situation behind the scenes. Had managed and those who do not believe in such an option. Possible because Katniss has always been presented as a normal person who has become a symbol of rebellion. For example, one fan pointed out: “This theory is not only silly, but it also takes away one of the best parts of the trilogy, which is that Katniss was never chosen.” However, there may have been other reasons that may have prompted Snow to choose Katniss, arguing the possibilities of this theory. In the prequel we learn that young Coriolanus gets very close to District 12. What role might Katniss or her family have played in inspiring Snow to seek such revenge as an adult, without even revealing her intention? And what might change as The Hunger Games returns to cinemas thanks to a prequel? For now Jennifer Lawrence has debunked another fan theory: No, she won’t be returning with a cameo to play Katniss’ eventual grandmother.

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