The Idol 1×03 Review – Criticism showered


The negative comments about The Idol do not subside even after reaching the third episode.

Sculpture Now it has reached its third installment and, like a magnet, He never ceases to attract negative criticism towards him Even from the public. If the first episode had an audience of 913,000 to be exact, roughly equal to the premiere. white lotusAlready with the second episode the ratings fell 12%.

On the other hand, we certainly can’t blame those who have given up watching the series Episode 3 is nothing but a brilliant portrayal of female vulnerability and pain through a masculine lens,

despite the aesthetics Sculpture find the painted beauty of Excitement, the problem persists: We’re talking about a female character from the male point of view, especially given Sam Levinson and The Weeknd’s vision of this universe is dominant. what if gq talked about in the second episode of “Worst sex scene ever filmed in history”In fact hbo extension The refusal to cancel the series had to intervene, as seen by many critics and the public. are alone flopped,

Although it’s been talked about Sculpture It’s like shooting at the Red Cross, let’s see together how the third episode developed (for better or for worse) The Weeknd With His Tedros Has Finally Shaped Up,

Plagiarism of Tedros

If Tedros broke into Jocelyn’s house in the first episode, come episode three Tedros has taken over Jose’s life, Initially he was only the master of her body, now he is the master of her life: he makes work decisions for her, chooses her clothes and fires her employees.

Tedros had little space in the first few episodes of SculptureNow the episode belongs entirely to him, as if to underline his dominance and superiority over Joslyn, around whom, in the first two episodes, everything revolved.

Tedros is intrusive and burdensome, his character would have swallowed up the scene if only a professional actor had been able to interpret the role, which is objectively complex to render. Yes, because the episode’s soundtrack features a song by The Weeknd, in which music definitely doesn’t have the problems that plague him in acting.

a sadistic manipulation

Returning to the plot of the third installment of Sculpture, Jocelyn’s golden cage surrounds her. While Tedros begins to reveal himself as a cult leader Jocelyn’s background emerges, Lily-Rose Depp once again managed to embody in her expression the fragility and indecision of Joss’s easily manipulated mind.

Jocelyn talks about being abused by her mother during dinner who abused her by beating her with a brush on various parts of her body to inspire her towards music. This helped Joss overcome “writer’s block” and find the right inspiration.

Tedros is convinced that this is the right path for Jocelyn to overcome her momentary creative difficulties, making her a star to be remembered over time. Only by going through pain can Jocelyn be reborn.

And so, in a harrowing sadistic creepy sequence, Tedros beats Joss with the hairbrush her mother used, in front of everyone present except Leia (the only character who hasn’t lost her sanity yet). Joss screams but we only see her face in pain, only silence. He “Thank you for taking care of meWhat Jocelyn will address to Tedros is a concrete example of this the abyss the hero is falling into, She is surrounded by many people but no one helped her, she is so isolated she can thank her executioner,

IdoL: Our questions

Unfortunately, although some scenes are filmed entirely ExcitementLook Sculpture We keep asking ourselves: What am I seeing? Why? What does it mean? Did the public really need a series that glorified the unhealthy system it itself condemned?

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