‘The Idol’ and Devil’s Tale, Is It The Weeknd or Fiorello?

In the series Abel Tesfaye is the animator of a tourist village with an open bar and fentanyl for breakfast. But his craving for a bit of pop porn is right in the end: capitalism is a sadomasochistic ritual (cit.), the work is over, there’s no one left. might as well try them all

Alberto Piccinini: nothing, i saw the third episode too Sculpture, Part of the reason is that they keep drinking it almost week-to-week as they did with the old opinion dramas. And I hear that even Levinson and Tesfaye don’t know how far they’ll go, maybe not even how long. The second reason is that once the ugliness of a series is fixed by social media, we all feel smarter for watching it. Somewhat like those billionaires who went down with Titan and immediately got ripped off like in a Z-series movie, which, however, if you allow, wraps them personally in a certain Captain Nemo charm . do not you think? returning Sculpture There is a professional interest in seeing the world of American showbiz represented, a big theme since the days of Marilyn and Judy Garland. The show stands as a great metaphor for everything: capitalism, power, sex, seduction. An essay by Michel Foucault practically based on the music of George Gershwin. But even less: here the devil, that is, The Weeknd, has Technical information As a busybody, he is almost a holiday village entertainer, though, as we know from the time of Fiorello and Karaoke, always the most dangerous.

John Robertini: “Never trust a man with a beanie,” he says to Jocelyn about Tedros in The Weekend, series, and it was hard to find a more tamaro name. Certainly the Pigtail/Devil association is a bit risky, almost ridiculous: The Weend is an animator of a tourist village with an open bar and fentanyl for breakfast, a kind of Fiorello. slow down One that uses motivational slogans and recipes for success like those influencers who appear when you scroll through Instagram. “Earn a lot of money without working”, “1000 Euro in 10 minutes, just believe”, do you know the style? And I guess in the end they’re right, and The Weeknd’s little pop-porno wannamarchism is right, too: Job’s done, nobody’s left, and while we wait for our minimum living income, we get to make them all, too. Try it, one in a thousand makes it as the old proverb reminds us. Nor is there any need to sell your soul to the devil – an ancient moral deceiver day Left – because it will pay you very little, at least not enough to shop at Valentino in Beverly Hills. All you need is “always believe in it and never give up” plus a little tamales and bravery, without forgetting the pigtails. Do you watch Eli Schlein with Benny?

AP: umm The thing is, when things like cheeky Sculpture This means that patriarchy and capitalism are trying to regain lost ground. Hollywood is always Babylon, the girls are the victims of the animal sacrifice, the traditional family was better when the situation was worse, Minister Roxela says and so on and so forth. a bit like basic Instinct And the entire filmography of Paul Verhoeven, which is always extremely fragmentary and ambiguous. and Britney Spears appearance, season too this is not opinion, indecent Proposal, all the makings of Hollywood Pygmalions. From Jocelyn/Lily-Rose Deep we must learn to accept the boundless brutality of neo-capitalist dance (do you know the scene with the severed feet?), and also the mad mother bashing that turns into erotic fantasies, Must learn to accept. Capitalism is a sadomasochistic ritual, fascism is its product, Pasolini said this 50 years ago. In short, it’s clear that then it makes you laugh. enough is enough.

gr: Mah. There will also be another batch of Friday pillowcases, even though I’m already bored, and — I know — you will be, too. But today something new has come to the fore. I open Spotify’s new music on Friday and there Mark and Cremont are clearly quoting born Slippy of underworld, nicki minaj doing Barbie Girl Also bringing together Aqua, Koi Lere and David Guetta who cover Technotronic and Cafelet. Dragostia Din Tei, unforgettable Moldovan hit. What do they want to tell us? That the nineties are back? Want to dance but the disco algorithm only recognizes old hits? Or maybe it’s the same idea of ​​pillow calamity that calls for fooling around and playing at beach parties past, because today’s catastrophic and end-of-the-world imagery would shake your ass, but not Is. Best Depression?

AP: Well, since time immemorial the DJ keeps a few hits in his bag (or flash drive) that he personally hates but that could save his life. Boy Pee Pee Pee Pee Pee Brigitte Bardot etc. By the way: the abbreviation of isn’t too bad Sculpture, Sorry I won’t bore you now but that is also one of Spotify’s Friday news, did you hear? Am I wrong, or does this sound like Gigi D’Alessio? Ah, the other day Gigi appeared fresh as a rose on TG1 at 7am incomparably interviewed at her home by Giorgia Cardinaletti, the bags under her eyes real but the service was probably 10.30am, old school Roman TV time was recorded in And this is the new wave of right wing TV. I’m stopping I forgot the most important thing: Vasco Rossi. like a rubric boomer gang It should shed light on the social slips of seventy-year-old Victoria of Menskin, a very modern and elegantly rock’n’roll sex symbol. “Slurp” she wrote on her Instagram. I really don’t know what to say. or perhaps note a secret correspondence with the neo-patriarchal mood Sculpture,

gr: Luckily he’s back with a new single Apex Twin, which in my opinion has always looked way too long for anyone who had a tank in their backyard. Musically, it’s now such a classic that Domi and JD Beck covered it yesterday in Rome. understood? they like it Cold, like Steely Dan at the Gucci fashion show today, with the Primavera Festival bracelet optimistic and progressive, still wearing it, the talented kids who made record companies think they could put jazz back in the charts… What do they do? He plays Apex, the prophet of the Anthropocene, the pagan god – half man, half machine – who created the IDM. All is not lost, but no more jumlas…

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