The Idol Episode 4 Trailer: Tedros’ influence over Jocelyn grows as tensions rise.

The Idol Episode 4 trailer teases the next chapter of the controversial drama. From the mind of Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, the new HBO series follows troubled pop star Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp) as she embarks on a complicated relationship with a shady nightclub owner and cult leader named Tedros (The Weeknd). enters. The Idol cast also includes Rachel Sennott, Troye Sivan, Jane Adams, Jenny Ruby Jane, Da’Vin Joy Randolph, Dan Levy, Eli Roth and Hank Azaria as members of Jocelyn’s team, along with Moses Sumney and Suzanna Son. Tedros has god followers. ,

After the third episode showed Tedros continuing to insert himself into Jocelyn’s life, HBO released the trailer for Episode 4 of The Idol. see below:

After the shocking hairbrush scene that was meant to inspire Jocelyn to be like her abusive mother, the Episode 4 trailer shows how Tedros’ influence over Jocelyn continues to grow, leading to a continuing tussle between Tedros and the pop star team. Tension is rising.

What to expect from Idol Episode 4:

The Episode 4 trailer shows Jocelyn and Tedros working on a single that will introduce the world to the pop star’s new persona. Jocelyn tells Tedros that she doesn’t like making decisions on her own, so he suggests that the first few words of the song be made up, so he does. Not much is yet known about Tedros’ past or his current motivations, except that he has been described as a self-help guru and cult leader. As Destiny’s grandmother, Jocelyn’s co-manager, said, “You can never trust a boy with a rat tail.” Destiny later jokingly suggests killing Tedros.

The trailer for Episode 4 of The Idol continues to highlight the show’s central conflict between Jocelyn and Tedros’ team. On the one hand, Jocelyn’s team cares more about the pop star as a person, while Tedros uses her to infiltrate the music industry. Meanwhile, record company executive Nikki is carrying out her secret plan to replace Jocelyn with her talented backup dancer, Diane, who is also having an affair with Tedros. Based on some of the jokes in the trailer, it looks like Jocelyn will find it all out in the upcoming episode 4 of The Idol next week.

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