The Idol, Lily-Rose Depp: ‘My life on the series is different with dad Johnny’

The actress, in a recent interview with American magazine EW, talked about the difference between the life of the character she plays in the HBO series (streaming exclusively on Sky and only now) and the life she lives with her father Johnny Depp and her mother. Lived with Vanessa. Eden. “My parents definitely did their best to give my brother and me the most ‘normal’ childhood possible,” she says.

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Lily-Rose Depp recently revealed in an interview to US magazine ew The life of the pop star he plays Sculpture It’s “very different” from the persona she portrayed, who grew up with father Johnny Depp and mother Vanessa Paradis.

“My parents definitely tried their best to give my brother and me the most ‘normal’ childhood possible,” says the actress on the HBO and A24 television series, co-created by Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye (who also stars) with Lily-Rose Depp), Reza Faheem and the producers of Excitement Sam Levinson.
Sculpture Exclusive to Sky (and streaming only now).

The five-episode first season was recently presented at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and is already making headlines.
Lily-Rose Depp spends hours caring who the audience is Sculpture Know that her character, Jocelyn, is not based on her life as Johnny Depp’s daughter, not at all.
The drama presented at this year’s Cannes Film Festival centers on the figure of one of the world’s most famous pop stars, Jocelyn, who tries to make a comeback after her career was cut short when she suffers an apparent and public nervous breakdown. Was lying. death of his mother.

Speaking about his character, he says: “That life certainly wasn’t mine”.

Interview with the actress tells Entertainment Weekly that her experiences growing up with a famous father and mother (she is the daughter of Johnny Depp and French singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis) are “very different” from Jocelyn’s.

Lily-Rose Depp said, “The backstory that we came up with for Josslyn is that she’s been dealing with a lot since she could talk.” “She was a child actress, she had a mother who was really pushy and who really raised her into a seasoned actress, and that was her upbringing. It definitely wasn’t mine.”

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Lily-Rose Depp: ‘My parents definitely did their best’

ew Note that Lily-Rose Depp laughs before adding, “I mean, my parents definitely tried their best to give my brother and me the most ‘normal’ childhood that we could ever have. Obviously. , not quite normal.”, but at least a sense of normality, and a sense of childhood and freedom and play and everything. So our childhood was quite different. Of course, having experienced this industry from a young age, there are elements that can help me understand Jocelyn’s perspective a little better. But still, they definitely come from different backgrounds.”
So the actress distanced herself from the character she plays on the screen of the HBO drama television series, although she makes no secret of the fact that she loves Jocelyn very much, and is happy to play her.

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The actress is in love with the character she plays in the series

Lily-Rose Depp says she loved exploring the different sides of Jocelyn’s character.
“It’s something my character says in a trailer. You haven’t seen the episode yet, but she says, ‘There’s nothing about me that’s recognizable,'” the actress explains. The self-awareness that he has, which is not there for everyone. Even though he is flesh and blood like everyone else, his life is not like the lives of many people, and he is in a very strange situation. The fact that she doesn’t shy away from it speaks volumes about who she is as a person,” concluded the actress.

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