The Idol: Review of Aldo Grasso’s TV series with Lily-Rose Depp

Among the series’ points of interest is the relationship with the media and social networks, which explains the blanket of hypocritical contradiction that often envelops the world of entertainment. For those looking for a simple story that’s intentionally excessive in tone and situations

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Type: Dramatic
Director: Reza Faheem, Sam Levinson, The Weeknd. With Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd, Susanna Sun, Troye Sivan, Jane Adams, Moses Sumney, Jenny Kim, Rachel Senot, Hari Neff. on the sky

Hyperbolic, yet very timely; Harsh to the point of obscene, but capable of capturing the spirit of a cursed existence broadcast on social networks, Sculpture It’s probably not among the best products HBO has produced in many years, but it has the advantage of keeping the focus on the excesses of a generational star system.

jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Art), the pop star suffering from a depressive episode following the disappearance of her mother, tries to relaunch himself through a photo shoot, right then An objectionable picture of him starts circulating on social media And what ensues is a relentless rebuttal of accusations, requests for censorship, innuendos to make her name go even more viral.

Jocelyn would then begin a relationship with an unknown record producer, Tedros (Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd), the head of a secretive sect. Mixing genres and storylines, the series hardly feels believable

Lily-Rose Depp and Susanna Sun in “The Idol”

In points of interest, relations with the media and social networks; The “nudity consultant” who complains about the overabundance of nude photos And the employees who seek to exploit Jocelyn’s compromising images to their advantage represent the epitome of the sacrosanct contradiction that often surrounds the entertainment world.

For those looking for a simple story that’s intentionally excessive in tone and situations.

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