The Idol Season 1 Final Trailer – Jocelyn’s worlds collide as she begins her tour

The Idol season 1 finale trailer shows Jocelyn’s worlds colliding as her tour begins. From the mind of Euphoria’s Sam Levinson, the new HBO series focuses on a struggling pop star, played by Lily-Rose Depp, who is in an increasingly complicated relationship with a self-help guru and cult leader named Tedros (The Weeknd). Recent episodes have seen Tedros (and his followers) involve himself more and more in Jocelyn’s life, visiting the pop star’s mansion and giving her creative input on her music career and public image.

Following the airing of the show’s fourth episode on Sunday night, HBO released the trailer for the season one finale of The Idol, which will air next week. Take a look below:

After the pop star introduces her new persona to the world with the help of Tedros, the Season 1 finale trailer finally shows off the long-awaited start of Jocelyn’s tour. This causes their two worlds to collide, leading to serious conflict between her team and Tedros’s.

What to expect from Idol season 1 finale:

The upcoming tour will mark the first time Tedros and his followers will come face-to-face with much of Jocelyn’s team, including her discreet co-manager Chaim, record label executive Nikki and industry veteran Andrew Finkelstein. Many of them are worried about Jocelyn’s upcoming tour, and after witnessing her and Tedros’ complicated relationship, a worried Chaim approaches Vanity Fair writer Talia with his concerns. Jocelyn’s best friend and assistant Leia also seems to be getting some troubling news, possibly related to the fact that Jocelyn’s creative director Xander was abused and molested by Tedros in Episode 4.

Another big question that arises on the eve of the Season 1 finale is whether The Idol will be renewed for a second season. After receiving the worst reviews of any HBO show in history, there were rumors that The Idol was canceled, but HBO denied it, saying that no decision has yet been made regarding a second season. Is. Despite the negative reviews, the show’s viewership may be high enough to renew it for a second season. Many questions about Jocelyn’s tour and the future of The Idol are likely to be answered in the Season 1 finale next week.

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