The Idol (World Class Sinner) song is likely to be a summer 2023 hit

title track world class sinner / i’m a freakSingle with pop star jocelyn SculptureThe grief-stricken Lily-Rose, played by Depp, intends to return to the scene, having already played it dozens of times during the first two episodes of the HBO series. Notably, the song is looped by Joss and her dancers while rehearsing the choreography – inspired by the choreography of Gasp. i’m a slave to u, Britney Spears’ 2001 hit song – in the courtyard of her Bel-Air mansion. The track is previewed to record company executives and other slackers, who nod half-heartedly.
It’s all bound to start over again – again and again, from the beginning – as Jocelyn struggles with the choreography during the filming of the music video.

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The piece opens with a seductive note and an organ boom that builds to Jocelyn’s first vocal: Maybe it’s hard to see / When you’re looking at me / But I do what I want / Don’t give a shit at all, All of this presents the idea of ​​a girl who knows what she wants, or so it seems. It also has a flirtatious rhythm, with no clear refrain: I’m just a freak, yeah / You know I want it bad, Here are some vulgar jokes like: every weekend i try to find someone to fuck And get down on your knees and get ready to be my bitch, As is often the case with most generic pop songs, the bridge is so bad it’s unintentionally comical: in fact, we move from mis-execution to premise. i’m a world class sinnerin which the artist confesses to us that he is a world-class sinner, which leads us to an obsessive refrain touch me touch me touch me touch me,

world class sinner was written specifically for the show by the co-creator of Sculpture Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Asa Taccone, composers and producers who often collaborate with The Lonely Island, a comedy-rap group animated by their brother Jorma. As a song, it’s a poor reimagining of the wacky single that a teen ex-pop star might have released to revitalize her image and give it a new sheen. A cute little song that has garnered 6 million views in the last few weeks.
Not only that: on TikTok, creators admit they hear it as a real song and/or think it’s a summer hit. on TwitterReporter of new yorker Naomi Fry even commented: “I wonder how I would feel if it crossed my mind to say ‘I’m absolutely a freak’.” Evidence of this piece’s similarity to The Lonely Island, the poem “Cause you’re stupid but you’re cute, that’s a pretty good ratio It turned out to be one of the funniest of the year.
Although world class sinner Wants to impeach the music industry capable of delivering pop hits as if it were an assembly line, not forgetting our Pavlovian response to those hits.

One can say that such songs are familiar to us. Whenever a new series or film set is introduced in the world of music, these products are often accompanied by a piece created for the occasion. We often like to think that it’s bad: superficial lyrics, already heard tunes, downright lame attacks and basically reworked. In 2018, we were able to enjoy the post-folk works of Elie Men inspired by Lady Gaga a star is bornfull of top songs like hair body face – with his good 45’s and heard by millions on Spotify – eg Why did you do it?Able to exceed 60 million.
miley cyrus gave us on a rollA bloody fascinating piece, during a 2019 episode of Black Mirror.
Frankly, the song – which passed the wall of 112 million listeners on Spotify – was interpreted by its cyber counterpart, Ashley O, created with the help of artificial intelligence and the youngest queen of pop music Was.

full of lousy optimism, on a roll A completely nonsensical chorus can be claimed, which goes like this: I’m full of ambition and enthusiasm / I’ll get what I deserveWith an absurd refrain: Hey, yeah, wow-ho, I’m on the way,
As Charlie Brooker—the series’ creator—had the opportunity to declare to GQ during 2019, the intention was for a text “filled to the point of contradiction, positive and pretty empty words”.
However, at the same time, the British author admitted that “even though it originated as a way to satirize a pop star, we all hum it to each other”. and again “like it or not, we all followed the music and found ourselves singing it” during production.

as for what happened world class sinnerfake hits included in the soundtrack of black Mirror and of a star is born They were written – at least partially – by actual musicians. on a roll There’s Practically a Bubblegum Pop Remake by Ashley O head like a hole by Nine Inch Nails. of the co-authors of Why did you do it? A delicious pop and room-filling track with its signature xylophone and house beat, by Ally Men, featuring Lady Gaga and veteran singer-songwriter Diane Warren.
In 2018, Warren himself had to tell Al new York Times that the song was not written to make it a “bad” pop song: “(That was not the intention. I obviously would never set out to write a bad song; but I think I’ve written some songs that That’s how it turned out, even though that certainly wasn’t my intention. Specifically, the song has to be fun and pop, which is what I like. You don’t always have to take everything too seriously”.

Within the film, which sees him among the protagonists, the Jackson Men, with Bradley Cooper features, more or less good-naturedly reprimanding his wife Allie for composing Why did you do it? after hearing him play it Saturday night Livemocking the song’s lyrics (“Why you look so good in those jeans? / Why did you come at me with an ass like that?)
Yet, as Diane Warren pointed out times“[The music]can be anything. It can manifest itself in a serious song, it can take the form of a pop song, or it can even be a song about a butt.”

Even TV can take any form – even a show Sculpture, in the disguise of an iconic drama, claims to be a comedy. At least, that’s what Tesfaye and his worthy partner Sam Levinson swear by. In the end, this is the most “culocentric and asinine” level it’s possible for a show like this to reach.
Somehow – and to some extent – the show’s characters themselves understand this.
“Do you like singles?” Jocelyn asks her friend and assistant Leia – played by Rachel Sennott – in the very first episode, as the artist doesn’t know if this is the right piece to end her arc of redemption. “I know it works commercially, but I can’t help but cringe every time I hear it.” “It’s like…heavy, edgy stuff, but in a cold way,” Leia quickly reassured him. “Not all songs have to be heavy! It’s fun, you know? In a way that makes you want to dance to it.”

Later, Joss decides to play the song for her new boyfriend, the suspect Tedros, who looks like Tesfaye. The latter turns it into a heartbreaking, moaning remix which he then plays for his team – “Jocelyn seems to have found her new sound” she says – which leaves them both horrified and unconvinced. . Nikki, a record company executive played by Jane Adams, decides to cool Jocelyn’s enthusiasm, and reminds her to express her gratitude for the “rich breakthroughs” the label has granted her. In the third episode, Joss and Tedros play music – somewhat hysterically – in the middle of Laurel Canyon, promising to bring a better piece to the record company. world class sinner, We never actually hear the track in episode three, but we do get to see some clips of Jocelyn’s backup, Diane – played by Blackpink’s Jenny – struggling with the video Jose left behind, when Nikki pressures him to resume the work he had already finished. Sing.

Why defend a song like this? Well, because it’s already successful! We bet we’ll keep listening to the beat of world class sinner In the clubs of the real world all summer long?

Article originally published in GQ US

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