The image of Jessica Simpson on Instagram


The american singer Jessica Simpson has asked for help through your Instagram. The interpreter
Sweet Kisses
, who is expecting her third child, isn’t finding anything easy pregnancy. A few months of giving birth, Simpson has shared a picture on his social network account which has caused concern among his followers by the gargantuan size of his left foot.

“Do you have any remedy?, Help!”, has written the artist in the text that accompanies the image. Simpson has asked her fans some advice to get rid of annoying edema, which is swelling caused by fluid retention in the tissues of the body, a thing very common during pregnancy.

Between tips of all kinds, there is a user that points to the right. Although the edema is very common among women in advanced state of gestation, “you should go to the doctor if it hurts”.

The singer who has struggled continually to stay in a small size, wrote in his account of the social network that “can’t wait to get back to waist and not be walking like this in 2019”.

“I can’t wait to get back to waist and not be walking like this in 2019”