The immensity of Emanuele Crialese: film, plot, Penelope Cruz

lor last year immensitythe most personal and complex film Emanuele Crialese (New world), was presented at the competition in Venice Film Festival. Tonight is offered on the first TV at 21.15 on Sky Cinema One (at 21:45 on Sky Cinema Drama) and live on Now.

The director tells his story story through history twelve year old Adrianagirl who feels completely male. It was in Venice that Crialese confessed to the press:Adriana it’s me“. immensity this is a film about transitionon one slice of life, about a family living in the 1970s. In the cast stands out impeccable Penelope Cruzin the role Claramother of the protagonist.

immensity: scenario

Rome, 70s. Clara (Penelope Cruz) happy (Vincent Amato) are married and have three children: Gino, Diana and a twelve year old Adriana (Luana Giuliani) who prefers to be called Adri because it feels deep inside male. He poses as a boy, dresses like a boy, and wears a boyish haircut. His family has just moved into a new apartment, but mother and father no longer love each other. Children understand too.

Crialese tells a very personal story: Adriana wants to show everyone what she really has personality. While the father reacts violently, the mother, along with the friend Adri will give her first kiss, are the only ones who support her. Both Clara and Adri are going through a difficult period in their lives.: a twelve-year-old girl is increasingly aware of her essence; Mother must face depression and the end of marriage with an unfaithful husband.

Penelope Cruz in the movie “The Immensity”. (Photo by Angelo Turetta)

Penelope Cruz and Raphaella Carra

Penelope Cruz plays a different role as a mother. Clara this is a woman who pretends to be happy in front of her children, who does not have the strength to tear herself away from her family, despite the fact that she knows that her marriage has ended. Dive deep depression It’s unavoidable.

Her way of escaping from reality is to rely on the little girl in herself, build funny curtains with the children and cling to them. to cheerfulness and vivacity eternal icon, such as Raffaella Carra. Queen of television of those years. Clara, with lots of blonde Wig, dance to the tune Noise and from Prisencolinensinainciusol Celentano together with Adriana. These carefree “journeys” help woman discount, but only temporarily, the misfortune that comes with it.

immensityEmanuele Crialese’s most personal film

The director really wanted to say his own storybut had to digest before plucking up the courage to undress. “I had to talk about my life, family and childhood,” he said. Emanuel Crialese “But I had to find the right key to make this biographical story universal.” immensity with extreme delicacy, irony and emotion, she confronts the realization of her identity as a girl who simply desires freedom.


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