The Impact Of The Dissemination Of Covid-19, Smartphone Shipments In Free Fall


The strong decline is due to the spread of the Corona virus in various countries, especially China. The majority of the production smartphone in China, and because of the spread of the virus Covid-19, has been slowed production in January.

It is the interruption of the supply chain in the world, after all, is not limited to electronic consumer goods. In addition, the people also can’t and don’t want to shop-in-Shops offline.

“The fear of the Corona-virus has spread to Europe, North America and elsewhere, as well as hundreds of millions of consumers to visit are in lockdownnot able and not ready to shop for a new device,” said senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, Wu Yiwen.

“The Industry smartphone have to work harder than ever before to increase sales in the next few weeks, as – online flash-sale or big discount for Bundling with a variety of great products such as smartwatch“he went on.