The impact of the Virus Corona, Pokemon, Presents the features and The Update


Representation Of The Pokemon Go. (YouTube/ Tech Crunch) – Corona Virus COVID-19, the has in more than 130 countries who think some game developers harder. Game Pokemon Go, with the help of his players gather in a crowd or in preferred locations, new updates are to prevent the spread of the corona virus COVID-19.

Niantic as the company behind the Pokemon, give the new Directive, so that the player is hunting monsters around your house.

It does not mean that the players need to get out of the house and in the direction of the crowd.

As is well known, the outbreak of the corona virus in some countries (especially in Europe) a lot of people is restricted, to minimise the spread of the corona virus.

For a while, Niantic a variety of mechanisms will change for the improvement of the safety of the players.

Representation of the Pokemon games Go. (Instagram/ pokemongoapp)
Representation of the Pokemon games Go. (Instagram/ pokemongoapp)

This time we will have the update for the features and the experience of Pokemon will prioritize to GO, which can be enjoyed in the individual settings. The game will improve the habitat so that the trainer can see is a lot of monsters in the vicinity, if the game is close to home“to-said the representative of Niantic

Incense Packs, to get an increase the spawn of monsters, you get a discount of 99 percent.

If the pack was active, you can now last for an hour.

It allows the player to look around and buy Pokemon, which can be displayed to you.

Event Abra Community-will be postponed a day, the Niantic. (Instagram/ pokemongoapp)
Event Abra Community-will be postponed a day, the Niantic. (Instagram/ pokemongoapp)

The incubator, which asks the player to collect the number of steps to hatch the egg, which is a Pokémon, now it will be more effective.

Niantic said that now the trainer to hatch eggs twice as fast.

Abra-community day and all the events of the real world that require a lot of people in the event of Niantic was delayed.

Features Battle League may not have to fight the player, in the same place, so as to the chances of the player Pokemon minimize Going to be out of the house.

Note To The Editors: If you believe the symptoms of cough, fever, and other and want to find out the right information about the corona virus Covid-19, please contact the Hotline of the Ministry of health 021-5210411 or contact the number 081212123119