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The incredible case of the fake Brad Pitt trolling thousands of Clubhouse users | Film and Television

Club House has become one of the social networks most popular in recent months. The app, which was born in the heart of Silicon Valley and at the moment it is only available for users with iPhone that receive an invitation from another who already has an account, is a breeze of fresh air in a universe of applications that promote the visual. Here people talk and listen; defends itself with arguments. You don’t even need to stare at the screen for hours (here we tell you more about Clubhouse).

However, the app has its dangers, especially in matters of identity theft, and yesterday many users experienced it in one of its multiple rooms. It all happened in one room in which the new strategies to follow in order to reduce the effects of climate change. The moderator included a public figure we all know: Brad Pitt. Many people, seeing that one of the most important stars of Hollywood He ran the room, decided to go in and see what was cooking.

Users multiplied by seconds and thousands of people became connected at the same time. Good old Brad hardly spoke; the rest debated. Finally, after getting hundreds of followers of characters with immense media relevance, a user asked him if he was really Brad Pitt. The journalist from Forbes Jesse damiani, who was present during the meeting, said that after the question there was a strange be quiet. Then the cake was discovered.

No, that man was not Brad Pitt, but a New York photographer named Jacob Tran. The ball deflated and the anger of some attendees was more than evident. Many denounced the fake Brad account. Minutes after the deception, Damiani himself tweeted what happened and Tran decided to contact him privately to explain that his intention was far from trolling anyone, but that it was all part of a game. He named himself Brad Pitt for fun and another colleague of his decided to get hold of Quentin Tarantino, another character we saw in the room.

Bad taste social experiment or game?

When I joined with my friends, I realized that completely random people were starting to join because they assumed it was Brad Pitt “, Tran confessed to Jesse Damiani in an interview with Forbes. “When I did the account, to be honest, I did not expect it to grow so much; I did it to see what could happen, hoping that good conversations would be born from there. It is the power of the famous, the power of the Clubhouse, that these people have access to speak directly to strangers. “

Tran confesses that when he created the room, all kinds of people began to join, including some relevant media profiles. He kept quiet all the time while the rest commented on the subject of the room or even took advantage of being in the foreground to promote their work or research. It never occurred to anyone to ask the host if he really was Brad Pitt: they were simply thanking him for allowing them to intervene in the conversation.

I was wondering if people didn’t want to bother me because I really thought it was Brad Pitt“Tran relates to Forbes. “Or maybe they didn’t because the topic was so interesting that they wanted to continue the conversation.” Finally, a user decided to ask Brad Pitt if he was Brad Pitt and Tran was forced to confess that no, it was all a joke; or rather a sociological experiment to see people’s reaction. Clubhouse immediately suspended his account.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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