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The Incredible Fan Remastering of Banjo-Kazooie

YouTube channel Project Dream uploaded for the first time a video of the remaster of Banjo-Kazooie for fans a few months ago. Since then, the channel has uploaded three more videos, featuring Banjo-Tooie’s Jinjo Village, Rusty Bucket Bay, and Mad Monster Mansion.

Each video shows the levels, which have been recreated using the level’s original geometry, only with added high-resolution textures. It does not appear that the levels are really playable, but the videos are limited to showing what the levels and the world would look like in a possible remastering of the game.

Regarding the project, Project Dream has said: “Note: This is a fan-made trailer! As a huge Banjo fan, I’ve always wanted to see what a remastered version of the original 1998 game would look like. I set out to produce a trailer that would grab attention and ignite a bit of nostalgia. Banjo-Kazooie brought us all. For this, the original N64 geometry was used with high resolution textures, environments and scenarios rendered in the Lumion program. I hope to produce more remastered scenes from [Banjo-Kazooie y Banjo-Tooie]so stay tuned“.

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The most recent of the fan-made trailers shows the Rusty Bucket bay, which was reportedly the most requested tier to be refurbished, as well as briefly showing a Banjo model. It is not very clear if these levels will be playable, but at least it is great to see what a Banjo-Kazooie modern. The effort made is impressive.

Fan reaction to the trailer has been very positive, and fans of Banjo They have come to the comments to ask that different levels be remade with the new textures. Many viewers express their grief that we are more likely to see this fan remaster than a new Banjo title from Microsoft.

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