The incredible request for dismissal due to a “cultural fact” of a man who beat his wife reaches the SCM: the actions of the Brescia prosecutor are assessed

L’incredible request for archiving for “cultural” reasons citizen of Bangladesh accused of threats and violence against his wifehe decided yesterday opening of a case in the High Council of Justice against the prosecutor of Brescia Antonio Bassolino. The initiative was taken by Forza Italia board member Enrico Aimi.

In his request to evaluate the actions of the prosecutor, Aimi conveyed verbatim the words contained in his petition for dismissal some excerpts from which have appeared in newspapers in recent days have been formulated. “The behavior of today’s defendants in violating the moral and material freedoms of the offended party,” wrote Bassolino, “is the result of a cultural system, and not of his conscience and desire to destroy and humiliate his spouse in order to achieve superiority over her, given that the inequality between men and women is the result of his culture, which was initially adopted by the same offended party.” In other words, a husband who subjected his wife to all sorts of harassment for months simply because she wanted to go to school could not be convicted because he acted “out of his own culture and not out of desire.” subdue”.

“Cultural alibis should not be welcome in our legal system, as they constitute an unacceptable and unjustifiable form of legal relativism,” Aimi stressed.. Brescia prosecutor Francesco Prete who in his statement “denied” his replacement. “The Brescia prosecutor’s office does not allow criminal charges that go beyond the scope of our law and has always been very firm in prosecuting moral and material violence against anyone, regardless of any ‘cultural’ references to women,” Pret wrote.

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