The Incredible Response From Kourtney Kardashian On Speculation If You Are Pregnant

For now…Kourtney Kardashian, you’re not pregnant.

Celebrities are accustomed to refute the rumors of pregnancy that always appear once in a while, but now with direct communication with their fans, many can talk about the bumps received before they appear in the headlines. The largest of the Kardashian turned to Instagram to respond to a fan who thought he had a baby on board in one of their recent publications.

“Are you pregnant?” one fan excitedly asked along with an emoji heart. Kourtney said it all with a simple answer. “No, I wish,” he wrote. “The angle”. The older sister of Kardashian is already a mother of three beautiful children, Mason Disick, Penelope Disick and Reign Disick with your ex-boyfriend Scott Disick

In the video look at the photo that generated comments.

Over the years, Kourtney has expressed its importance on how important it is to be a mom to her, and the tension between his personal life and his fame was even a point of contention between her and her sisters on the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“I, of course, I am thankful for all the years of the filming of our program. But, you know, I’ve spent so many years in front of the camera and I’m in a mental state other than” shared Kourtney with your family. “It was a lot of pressure on daily life and that they already overcame it. I think that those private moments are very special and I just need more of them.”

You may not be exiting the world KUWTK, but it’s going to prioritize his happiness and well-being in the coming seasons. “My well being is more important than the show,” explained Kourtney. “Not relent and I will not change my limits. That’s not going to happen.”

Maybe a step back is just what this mom needs. Who knows, maybe 2020 will bring the world a new baby Kardashian!