The incredible story of Diego Maradona’s black Ferrari Testarossa

When Diego Maradona was at the peak of his sports career, and was idolized around the world as the best footballer of all time, one of the most remembered cars that “El Diez” has ever driven appeared in his life: the Ferrari Testarossa … black!

The data may not attract so much attention today, when there are many black, yellow, gray and even white Ferraris, however in 1986 a Prancing Horse car that was not red it was a rarity. And much more if it was a Testarossa, the star car of the Maranello house in those years.

Diego about to enter his black Testarossa.
Diego about to enter his black Testarossa.

The story, of course, is hilarious and involves who was its representative, Guillermo Coppola. A lot had happened since Diego had bought his first car, a humble Fiat 128 that he acquired at Christmas 1982, this time he was infatuated not only with the Ferrari of the moment, but with it being black!

Coppola said in many interviews that Maradona’s request dislodged him. It is false that there were no black Ferraris before Diego’s, however, it is true that it was very strange that a Maranello car did not come out with the brand’s classic Rosso.

The vast majority of Testarossa are red.
The vast majority of Testarossa are red.

After being world champion in Mexico with the Argentine National Team, Maradona asked Coppola to get him a black Testarossa, a request that led the representative to move his contacts until he found himself Enzo Ferrari, who was in his last years of life.

Finally Coppola acquired the black Testarossa and took it to the Naples airport. Once there, while they waited for Diego, he proposed to the club president, Corrado ferlainoLet him be the one to give it to Diego, in order to smooth things over and look good with the star.

The Testarossa in classic Ferrari red.
The Testarossa in classic Ferrari red.

Coppola says that he added a few more dollars to the price he made Ferlaino pay, and that way he too made a financial difference in his favor.

When Diego saw her, Coppola says, “I couldn’t believe it, I was amazed.” The problem arose when he met the interior: “You don’t have air conditioning or a stereo?”Maradona asked his former representative. “No, it is a racing car, it does not have a stereo, air conditioning, upholstery on the doors, it has nothing,” replied the businessman.

Maradona’s response was blunt: “Well then, put it in the …”. Beyond the initial outburst, Diego kept it and enjoyed it for a few years.

With a V12 engine and 390 hp, it reached more than 300 km / h.
With a V12 engine and 390 hp, it reached more than 300 km / h.

On the subject of whether it was the first black Testarossa, various sources assure that before that of Sylvester Stallone.

The Testarossa went down in history as the iconic sports car of the 80s. Born in 1984, the model underwent successive improvements and updates by Ferrari, always with a 390 horsepower V12, a madness for the time and that allowed it exceed 300 km / h final speed.

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