The incredible video of María Becerra in Guido Kaczka when she was not famous

Maria Becerra She is one of the best-known young Argentine artists in the world today, since, for example, she exceeds 7.5 million followers on her official account of Instagram (@mariabecerra). However, until very recently she was not famous and she was encouraged to visit Special Dogs, Guido Kaczka’s television show by The thirteen.

In the last week they brought to light a recording from 2015, when the singer, songwriter and exyoutuber he was barely 15 years old. The protagonist, who will turn 22 on February 12, lasted a few minutes on air, although this was enough for him to have his first moments of popular recognition.

The incredible video of María Becerra at Guido Kaczka when she was not yet famous

The artist born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires province, went to Dogs Special (The Thirteen) with his nice pet named Shiloh. At that time he attended the study with his sisters Geraldine and Ailín. As part of the challenge proposed by the small screen cycle, They had to make the animal go through a walkway with obstacles, where it had to walk on the water and then throw some bowling sticks.

According to what Geraldine revealed, the name of his dog was due to its meaning in Hebrew: “first gift” or “Messiah”. On her side, a very shy Maria de los Angeles Becerra he only said their names on the air when they were introduced to call the pichicho that he should compete. The mascot, of race golden retriever, managed to finish the task successfully and thanks to her the Becerras took a smart TV.

Of course, it was only his first brief on-air experience and Nobody suspected at that moment that a short time later he would become the international star that he is today.

The incredible video of María Becerra at Guido Kaczka when she was not yet famous.

Who is María Becerra

Known initially as of 2016 for her facet of youtuber, began to gain followers thanks to social networks. Over the years, he devoted himself exclusively to his great passion: the music. Focused on fashion styles such as urban pop, hip hop, trap and reggaeton, the Quilmeña has fun from a distance with her fans. What’s more, She is friends with her colleague Tini Stoessel and along with her was part of the hit song Lie to Me, which exploded with everything in 2021.

Recently separated from the young Santiago musician Rusherking, composed the remix of the song Among us, in which other modern figures also participated such as Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK and Lit Killah. Now, he is preparing to face new challenges in 2022 and to continue growing professionally.

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