The incredible video of Yanet Garcia that began to shake the social networks


The quarantine that lives in Mexico has not prevented Yanet Garcia, famous regiomontana who became famous for her role in ‘Today‘ as ‘The Girl in the Weather’is kept more alive than ever in their networks sociogiditales. The influencer mexican not lose your time and gives you, each that can, several publications to his millions of fans that day-to-day reveres them.

On this occasion, Yanet Garcia uploaded a video on his account of Instagram where it shows your natural beauty seconds before entering to the pool. The video, immediately had an impact, really impressive in the digital world. Even today already amount to more than a million 700 thousand reproductions, number that is growing more and more as the minutes pass.

Similarly, the publication already has dozens of comments towards the northern. The vast majority of these, it should be highlighted, highlight the figure of Yanet García and how it has evolved both physically and mentally since his debut on television. And is that, according to consider, since very little is left of what came to be such personality in the past.

Currently, the popular influencer already exceeded the barrier of the 13 million followers on Instagram. In addition, your personal Twitter account continues to grow to such a degree to accumulate, right now, 1.3 million users. Finally, TikTok is a new tool that has given him great joy and where since sum gives the expected number of 692 thousand subscribers.