The indie developer spoke about his collaboration with Sony. Spoiler: had a hard time

Iain Garner, the founder of the independent publishing house Neon Doctrine, erupted in an angry tirade on Twitter. He shared his experience of promoting games on “Platform X, which has a hugely successful console without a Game Pass.”

From Garner’s hints and statements from other developers, it becomes clear that this is not about the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Steam, but the PlayStation. The developer notes that he hints at the company as subtly as possible within the framework of the law.

What exactly is Ian Garner complaining about?

  • Sony does not allow studios to control their games. To get promoted, you have to dance to the tune of the company, beg and beg. Here Garner notes that blogs are not as good a PR tool as Sony believes.
  • It is impossible to influence the decision of “platform X” – no matter how many people added the game to their wishlist, the company is based only on its own calculations. How they get them out is unknown.
  • Before releasing a project on PlayStation, you need to go through a complex review, which uses three generations of the backend; prepare a dedicated trailer for the platform, write text on PlayStation blogs, and fill out a number of social media forms.
  • For the last two points, you need to contact your account manager. According to Garner, it is impossible to find out exactly who was appointed.
  • There is a surefire way to get promoted. One has only to pay $ 25,000 on top of the standard commission of 30% of incoming income. According to Kotaku, in other cases, the amount can reach $ 200,000. There is a similar practice in the Microsoft Store.
  • You cannot announce a discount if Sony has not given the go-ahead. And the discount will be limited. Also, the platform holder does not allow to reduce the price immediately after the release. Synchronize discounts with other stores? Only if you have been given a special invitation, and this is rarely done. Even if the game sells well at launch and is popular on other platforms, the invitation may not come.

Platform X is an extremely successful, great device, but the backend and other processes on it seem to be stuck in the 00s. I don’t know how to be successful on this platform, and they [ Sony ] won’t tell me. Even if I succeed, they can throw me …

Among his angry tweets, there is an appeal to gamers: “The next time the game you want doesn’t get discounts on Platform X or doesn’t come out at all, please complain to Platform X!”

In the end, Garner writes that he was still lucky. He speaks English, can attend exhibitions, and speak with important people in the industry who can help.

The developer commented for Kotaku: “Platform X is pretty letting down indie developers and uses us as a key marketing element” From recent communication with “X platform” he realized that the company does not respect them, it is not interested in the opinion of the developers or their earnings. And worst of all, it guarantees PlayStation users the worst deals ever. “I don’t understand their logic, but it seems to harm everyone, including the company itself, ” Garner says.

Neon Doctrine is developing projects such as Hazel Sky , Lamentum , Project Althea


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