The invisible side, the plot of the film is not what we were told

Movie Blind area released 2009: Directed by John Lee Hancock (Save Mr. Banks, the founder) and based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis (Money), speaks The real story of Michael Oheran African American boy who, after being deprived of his childhood, being abandoned, and having multiple foster families, is finally adopted Lee Ann and Sean Tuohya white and rich couple that allows him to develop his talent and pursue his dream of playing football until he becomes a star National Football League (NFL), American Major League. The inclusive and uplifting film was a big success despite some complaints from critics, grossing $309 million at the box office and winning Sandra Bullock – who plays Lee Ann – several prestigious awards, includingOscar for Best Actress. The only pity is that today, 14 years later, he has become like this what a true story so much the truth wasn’t there.

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It’s Oher himself in these last days sued his guardiansissuing various statements that completely refute the reconstruction of history: according to the now former NFL champion, in fact, the Tuohy would never have adopted him, but would have put him under conservatory (the same legal institution that kept Britney Spears in line for years), which essentially gave them control over all decisions that concerned him financially, allowing the family to reap the benefits million dollar royalty arising from Blind areawithout paying him compensation. Oher claims to have been convinced that conservatory signed by himself was actually the equivalent of an adoption, and instead he only recently realized that, not legally a family memberonly Tuohy, including the couple’s two illegitimate children, benefited from the use of his image.

For Michael Oher, the first problems began with the release of Blind areain which it was seen described as a fool saved only by Tuohy’s determination:I saw myself portrayed as a fool, not a guy who never had any formal education, and then once he did, became a huge success.“, he recalled in his memoirs. I beat the odds:Quinton Aaron (the actor who plays him in the movie, ed.) he did a great job with this role, but I can’t understand why the director decided to show me as a person who teaches football from scratch.“. Already at the time of release Blind area was accused of white savior, an attitude that shows white people as absolute saviors and capable of teaching the most disadvantaged anything, in this case, how to play football (despite Oher having played sports before) or how to sleep in a real bed. But the worst thing is that secondly Peoplefour members of the Tuohy family will cash in on the film $225,000 each plus 2.5% of the profit. Oher, on the other hand, did nothing.

Oher finds out that the Tuohy are using him for their own purposes. only in recent months deciding to sue the family to get back all the money earned in previous years using his name and likeness. However, through a lawyer, the family denies any exploitation: “Through their hard work and great luck, Sean and Lee Ann have made incredible amounts in the restaurant business. – the official statement says. The notion that a couple of hundreds of dollars could be plotting to pocket several thousand dollars from anyone, much less someone they loved like a son, is not credible.“. The same lawyer suggests that Oher threatened Tuohy spread a story that would make them look bad if they didn’t give him $15 million. From your side, Oher, what he retired in 2016 after winning the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens a few years earlier and now a father of four, he continues to push his own way. The task of clarifying what is essentially a blind spot now falls to Tennessee courts.

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