The iOS 14 leaked, TouchID will Appear Again on the iPhone 9


More, iPhone, XR reported to dominate the market smartphone in the past year. This was already in the reports of the Smartphone model Market Tracker of Omdia.

Reported by Apple Insider, Omdia in the report reveal that a delivery of the iPhone’s XR range of 46.3 million units in the last year. Such figures the iPhone to make XR are smartphone with the highest shipment in last year’s version Omdia.

During the second position, the iPhone occupied 11 with 37.3 million shipments. Samsung followed in third position with the shipments of Galaxy A10 a total of 30.3 million units.

The places four and five are occupied by the Galaxy A50, and A20. Each record shipments of 24.2 and 19.2 million units.

After Omdia, the position of the six up to the big 10 for the shipping smartphone in the past year, the iPhone 11, Pro-Max, iPhone 8, Redmi Note 7, iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy J2 core.

Omdia the company is the new analysis, which was formed from the merger of the research Department of Informa Tech and the purchased assets of technology research by IHS, Markit.