the iPhone Can Run Android, This is the proof

107 – iPhone menjalankan the iOS operating system from Apple. When this phone will be made menjankan other OS can? It turned out to be like this through the launch of the cybersecurity Corellian Team.

About the security vulnerability jailbreak ckecra1n, Corellian managed to run the Android operating system on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Efforts, the Android in smartphone Apple is a name of project “Sandcastle”.

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“Project Sandcastle is to have fun, build something new from the hardware,” said the CEO of Corellian Amanda Gorton said in a statement.

“Limited to the Apple iPhone users in a sandbox. But you have hardware Mobile phone and should carry to be able to hardware “it will be selected,” said Gorton, KompasTekno from Forbes, Friday (6/3/2020).

Through the use of exploit jailbreak checkra1n, the user can access the the boot loader it would be useful to install the Android OS on the iPhone device.

Use chekra1n for the first time published in the year 2019 and then and can be used in different models of the iPhone, starting from iPhone 4s to iPhone X. By the properties, that are in the hardware ROMApple can not patch this gap.

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To run though the Android operating system on iPhone devices, not all features work. For example, audio, wireless, bluetooth, GPU, and the camera may not function normally.