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Jamaica: by far the most authentic island in the entire Caribbean. The third largest in the Greater Antilles, it was discovered in 1494 by Christopher Columbus, who named it Santiagobefore it was conquered by the British. Perhaps this is due to the wild atmosphere reigning here or the fact that it has always been considered the country of the sun (it is no coincidence that Jamaica means “land of spring” in Arabic). What is certain is that the vibrant culture and non-conformist spirit of this island can be felt even from a distance. This is confirmed by a new illustrated volume written by Lisa Lovatt-Smith With Novia McDonald-Whiteby name atmosphere of Jamaica (Assulin, 304 pages, 105 euros).

Typical interior design in wood (all over) in which the typical colors of the earth look great.Regards Assulin. Photo by Julien Capmeil

“This paradise, with its ‘dramatic’ scenery, beaches like Treasure Island, and people with a lively, caring, smart and fun spirit… is unlike any other place on earth.” These are the words of a famous photographer Adrian Booth when describing Jamaica. A country with a strong character, which for centuries has never retreated, but on the contrary, has always fought for freedom and independence. Strong in his national pride, Jamaica reflects all its nationalism also in music, dance, cooking and literature. Just think of legacy Bob Marley, a legacy closely associated with the image of Jamaica itself. Or a great writer Ian Fleming who, in his magnificent colonial GoldenEye mansion, gave birth to one of the sexiest literary (and cinematic) characters of all time, namely: Bond, James Bond! Inside volume atmosphere of JamaicaChris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, a record label founded right here in 1959, writes the foreword to the book, presenting an intimate and privileged portrait of this vibrant nation and its inherent strength.

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