“The Jeddah track is dangerous for no reason”

The new Jeddah circuit prides itself on being the fastest street circuit on the calendar, with Lewis Hamilton’s pole lap averaging 253.984 km / h.

However, its multi-cornering characteristics that are deep, with the walls close to the track and a series of blind corners, have opened the door to potential problems when cars circulate close to each other.

“Czech” Pérez he believes that the lack of space, and of foresight of what may happen ahead, has made things less secure than they could be, and without any particular gain from it.

“It is a very beautiful circuit, although very dangerous in terms of … there are many straights but you are turning and (there are) blind corners, where I hope nothing happens,” he said. “If you want, it’s very dangerous for no real reason.”

Pérez said the risk aspect of the track had been further increased by traffic problems in qualifying, as the speed differences between the cars were extremely large.

“When you look at some of the cameras on board, it’s pretty scary,” he said. “I just feel like the track, yeah, it’s a little too risky for no reason. With the speed that we’re doing, with the deltas around the track from some other cars, it’s a little unnecessary. But I think it’s probably something that we can. check after the weekend. “

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Sparks kick up from Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB16B

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Pérez acknowledged that the drivers would have to voice their concerns about the Saudi track design before their return next year, as he believes it is obvious that improvements can be made.

The Mexican believes that having deep corners instead of just open straights is useless.

“I think we cannot forget the fact that safety has to take priority,” he said. “I think I have spoken with some of the other drivers and we all think that … we are the ones sitting in the car, and the speed differences that we usually see, if something goes wrong is enormous.”

“It’s a straight, you go on a straight straight, I just don’t see the reason to do it like that. Obviously it’s a bit of the character of the track, but it’s something we have to talk about after the race.”

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