The Kardashian’s have “the best kept secret of this generation”


Hello, my name is Kirby Jenner. Everyone in my family have already had their own ‘reality show’. Then, when this network (‘Quibi’) asked me if I wanted to make my own program, I said: ‘I do Not know. I haven’t really thought about it’. But then my mom said, ‘Yes!’

Well presented Kirby in the trailer that released the platform Quibi —designed for the new generations who (it was hoped) would be fans of short episodes of 10 minutes, only for mobile phones—. The young man also said that its time to do “important things”, as her mother and sisters have already done.

“My family is full of people who do things that quite important; my twin sister Kendall models, Kourtney still having babies, Khloé is high, Kylie makes lip glosses, mom is doing business, my sister Kimberly he is practicing to be a lawyer. And I guess that I also make things very fun,” said Kirby.

Jenner abounded in the qualities that people will notice if you follow the chapters of his realityin which you will be able to see dedicated to various jobs and hobbies“I’m a model enthusiast, I like to skate. I am 24 years old and I think that it is time to begin to lift my own weight and help with the family business”.