The Killer: David Fincher’s Dive into the World of Suspense

Get ready for a new masterpiece, signed by thrill-master David Fincher, who, after the success of Munk, is back in style with The Killer. A film that promises to captivate the viewer from the very first moment and not let go until the very last frame. At 118 minutes long, “Killer” is a whirlwind of emotion and tension that leaves the viewer clinging to their place. There are no weaknesses in the essence of this film, on the contrary, its conciseness proves to be a strength, allowing the narrative to flow with relentless speed. All eyes of the Venice Film Festival 2023 will be on this cinematic gem, ready to present itself to the world on November 10th exclusively on the Netflix streaming platform.

Based on the comic book of the same name that captivated readers in France in the late 1990s and then traveled around the world, The Killer is destined to leave an indelible mark on cinema history. Original work by Alexis Nole (Matz), which received a critical acclaim, joins the captivating work of illustrator Luc Jalamón. In this way, Fincher’s intuitive work merges with the inspiration of these talented authors, creating a unique visual and narrative experience. We will prepare our minds and hearts because The Assassin is meant to give us a cinematic experience that will stay with us forever.

Long way of the Killer: from the inception of the project to its implementation

There are projects that have been coveting the big screen for years, and The Killer is definitely one of them. David Fincher’s attention was drawn to this intriguing tale of dark psychology and suspense back in 2007. The director immediately captured the essence of this protagonist, a ruthless killer whose mind is a tangled labyrinth of delusions and compulsions. But the path to its implementation was tortuous and marked by countless obstacles that constantly delayed the implementation of the project. It wasn’t until 2021, thanks to Fincher’s persuasion skills, that Netflix finally gave the go-ahead, allowing this long-awaited masterpiece to see the light of day.

The Assassin is a vivid and uncompromising reflection of Fincher’s artistic vision. The director has not hesitated to assemble a team of trusted collaborators, including screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, brilliant photographer Eric Messerschmidt, and the dynamic duo responsible for breathtaking music, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Such is the excitement that Brad Pitt is back on the team, this time as a producer. The role of the protagonist, a cold-blooded killer with an icy gaze and a perverted soul, was entrusted to an extraordinary interpretation by Michael Fassbender. 2023 promises to be the year of The Killer, a cinematic event that will captivate viewers with its relentless suspense and compelling storytelling.

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