The Killer, what do we know about the long-awaited David Fincher film

The Assassin is a new film directed by David Fincher and Michael Fassbender.
Killer is David Fincher’s new film (YouTube Screen) –

Assassin, David Fincher’s new film with Michael Fassbender, what do we know about a thriller defined as icy and relentless.

David Fincher, the talented director of Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac, and Munk, is back with a thriller that bills itself as an impressive movie. Starring an actor of exceptional skill, loved by audiences and critics: Michael Fassbender.

The Assassin is one of the most anticipated films at the 2023 Venice International Film Festival, where it will have its world premiere. This is a psychological thriller, a genre that the director loves very much. Three years ago, Fincher ventured into Mank, an unusual film for him, for which he received two Oscars, one for best photography and one for best design, as well as several nominations.

The director then returns to his favorite subject, the thriller, in fact, he’s doing it for Netflix. Let’s take a closer look at what it is. In this article, we have provided some guidance based on the first rumors, other details have now become known.

Killer, David Fincher’s new film details: Tilda Swinton also in the cast

The Killer is first and foremost a comic book, so David Fincher also gives himself to the film comic book. Written by Alexis Nolet, also known as Matz, illustrated by Luc Jacamon. It was released in France in 1998. This is a very powerful story about the life of a killer.about his tasks and about his psychologically destructive moment, which causes him to suffer from a serious mental breakdown.

David Fincher in the new film
Clapperboard on the set of “Killer” (screenshot YouTube) –

The project remained on hold until a few years ago in 2021, Netflix asked the director to get started. Together with Fincher, they are questioned its most valuable employees: Andrew Kevin, already with him on Seven, with the script. Eric Messerschmidt with him for “Manka” in the photo. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross join him on the soundtrack to The Social Network and Munk.

A film that promises a lot on paper, Brad Pitt also appears among the producers, in short, a roundup. of David Fincher’s most valuable authors.

Killer, icy and ruthless Fassbender

For a film with an icy climate, only Michael Fassbender could have been cast as an actor, returning to stardom after years of a slightly subdued role. A highly regarded and beloved actor, with exceptional acting skills, two-time Oscar nominee as the best supporting actor in 2014 in the film “12 Years a Slave” and in 2016 as the best actor in the film “Steve Jobs”.

Killer: What do we know about David Fincher's new film?
On the set of “Killer” (screenshot YouTube) –

In The Killer, Fassbender shows off his most introverted role, a very introspective role in which the protagonist should not show sympathywhere he has to make the various corrupted and diseased aspects his own. Also in the cast is the gorgeous Tilda Swinton, though her role has yet to be revealed.

It was revealed that the film would not be particularly long, only 118 minutes long. According to those who were lucky enough to participate in the qualifying tests, The film stunned the audience and was called a chilling thriller with a horror-infused atmosphere.

The Assassin is a new film by Michael Fassbender.
On the set of “Killer” (screenshot YouTube) –

Michael Fassbender was judged unusually stunned by his abyss. According to rumors reported by World of Reel: “Planning the assassin’s shots is one of the most exciting and successful elements of the project.”

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