‘The Last Duel’ fails at the box office and Ridley Scott blames millennials

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Film director Ridley scott he must not be very happy lately judging from your complaints. If a week ago you projected your dislike of superhero movies, now it’s the millenn’s turnials, whom he blames for the resounding box office failure of The last duel, his last movie.

During an interview on the podcast WTF by Marc Maron, Scott did not hesitate to blame his film’s poor box office performance ($ 27 million raised after have spent 100 million to produce it) to the millennial public. “I think it all comes down to what we have today are the audiences that grew up with damn cell phones. Millennialss they never want that teach them nothing unless it’s through a phone mobile ”, argued Scott.

For the director, this has been the only problem with the film, since he was very happy with the “great promotional work from Disney” and did not hesitate to qualify it as “one of his Best Movies”.

But Although, usually, the film has been well received by critics, Ridley Scott didn’t seem to want to do anything either of self-criticism for the failure at the box office of The last duel: “You can’t win all the time. I have never regretted anything of none of the films What have I done. Any”. Well dear Ridley maybe you should take a look at your last two movies of Alien, maybe yes there is something of the to regret.

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