The Last Duel: Film Ending Explained

We warn you that we will obviously be doing a series of SPOILERS for the film, so if you have not seen it yet, we do not recommend continuing.

The Last Duel this is a recent feature film directed by Ridley Scott (House of Gucci, Gladiator) according to the script Ben Affleck AND Matt Damon (who, in particular, devoted themselves to telling the storylines Jean De Carrouges AND Jacques Le Gris) and Nicole Holofcener which instead covered the entire narrative section concerning Margarita de Carrouges. In any case, the work is actually inspired by a true story and is an adaptation of a historical novel. The Last Duel (The Last Duel: The True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France) and tells the story of the last officially recorded duel of God, which took place in France in 1386. A very fascinating story, in which, in particular, Jean de Carrouges appears (whose face Matt Damon), who fights in defense of his wife Margarita (Jodie Comer) against the rapist Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver).

The Last Duel

Fine, The last duel specially produced 20th Century Studios, Pearl Street Films, Scott Free Productions, TSG Entertainment distributed in Italian 20th Century Studio, Walt Disney Film Studios, it was presented Out of competition V 78th Venice International Film Festival September 10, 2021, it appeared in Italian cinemas on October 14, 2021, and from December 1, 2021 the film became available in the section Star From Disney+. On the occasion of the film’s broadcast today, September 8, 2023, specifically at 9:20 pm on Channel 5, we are going to follow the ending of the feature film, which will obviously make many SPOILERS O.

The Last Duel: How does the film end?

The Last Duel - Operator

The Last DuelThe opening is very clever in depicting the minutes immediately preceding the clash between the two knights, but we clearly don’t see the final outcome, which is explored at the end of the film. Carrouges and Le Gris are dressed in knightly gear and mount their horses, while the king and his subjects silently watch everything. Le Gris lands several powerful punches that knock Carrouge down. However, Carrouge also manages to drag the enemy on foot. It is during this time that, without protection, horses become more violent and violent.

At the end of the games, Carrouge manages to gain the upper hand, although Le Gris undaunted continues to fight, maintaining his innocence. It all ends with Jean stabbing Jacques Le Gris right in the mouth with a dagger, with the blade coming out of his head. By defeating his former friend, Carrouges proves that Margarita’s accusations were in fact true, because if the other had won, Margarita would have suffered a terrible fate. After the duel, Le Gris’ corpse is stripped, hung up and put on public display as proof of his guilt, and the newlyweds return home safely. Years later, Margarita sees her son playing, and her husband died while participating in the Crusades. He lived on the estate for another 30 years without ever remarrying.

Where is the truth?

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Apart from the ending itself, it is important to highlight who the three characters really are The Last Duel he spoke the truth if Jean de Carrouges, Marguerite de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris. The film is wisely divided into three parts, and each of them tells a different version of the story, even if only Margarita’s narration is true, which can also be seen on an aesthetic level on screen when the title Chapter 3. The truth according to Lady Margarita. leaves room only for words Truth, implicitly demonstrating that this is the real version of events. In reality, neither of the two knights was victorious in this terrible fight, and even Jean actually achieved only ephemeral glory.

The real winner, in fact, is only Marguerite, who managed, through tireless fighting, to defend her voice regarding the rape to which she was subjected, managing to avoid the wrath of her husband, and also demonstrating the terrible deeds of Le Gris. Therefore, it is from his courage that we can truly learn something, as well as from his firmness and spirit of vengeance.

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