The Last of Us 2 – Naughty Dog Brings the PlayStation 4 to the Limit With the Game

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The PlayStation 4 era is coming to an end. Sony has already officially confirmed the launch of the PS5 for the Christmas season 2020, but before the days of PS4 are counted, appear some high-caliber. “The Last of Us 2” is to use the hardware of the console.

While the very first The Last of Us saw the light of day quite late in the life cycle of the PS3 and already tested the technical capabilities of the console, The Last of Us: Part 2 will go one better. Shortly before the generation change of the PlayStation flagships, it wants to know Naughty Dog again and find out what can be teased out of the PS4 yet.

Bigger areas, more enemies

As Creative Director Neil Druckmann tells on the official PlayStation blog, the performance of the PS4 with “The Last of Us 2” is brought to the limit. This concerns above all memory and computing power, with which the number of opponents or the size of areas can be extended.

“We are now able to create even larger environments and sequences with hordes of infected and diverse groups of enemies  searching for you in large areas.”

Animations better than ever

In addition, the new animation system “Motion Mapping” was used for Ellie and all other characters. The actors’ gestures and facial expressions can thus be transferred into the game better than ever, and movements of the characters can be even more realistic. According to Druckmann Ellie is one of the most controllable and best-looking characters from current action games.

All of this, however, requires a lot of resources, which is why the PS4 teases out everything that is possible. From the 21st of February 2020, we can get an idea of ​​what Naughty Dog conjured up with “The Last of Us 2”. In addition, the likelihood is high that the developer will release a remastered version for the upcoming PS5, as happened with the predecessor for the PS4. However, this is not confirmed officially.

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