The Last of Us showrunner’s name missing from Borderlands movie

The film adaptation of Borderlands is shrouded in mystery and suspense. Confidence in the project, which stars such talented actors as Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, began to crumble at the beginning of the year, when news broke of director Eli Roth’s ouster.

It was explained to us at the time that the separation was actually made necessary due to conflicts with the filming of Thanksgiving, another film directed by Eli Roth and scheduled for release in late 2023. Tim Miller will replace himFormer Deadpool Director Who Will Have His Predecessor’s Blessing Of Leadership two weeks of reshoots (Principal filming to be completed in 2021).

However, the most mischievous believe that there is more behind it, such as Screens crashed and creators clashed, To support these hypotheses, in addition to the complete silence of those directly involved (we haven’t heard about the film for months, which still lacks a launch window), there’s also Craig Mazin’s name disappeared among writers recently,

According to what can be read on the Writers Guild’s official website, the writing credits are no longer given to Eli Roth and Craig Mazin, but to Eli Roth and Craig Mazin. joe crombiewith the latter It appears to be the pseudonym of the showrunner of the TV series The Last of Us and Chernobyl.,

Once upon a time, when a director decided to recuse himself from a production (either over creative differences or other stormy issues) he changed his real name to the wrong Alan Smithee. If a writer opted for that credit, they certainly weren’t satisfied with the finished product. Craig Mazin may have done the same, although in fact there is still no certainty in this regard. In any case, one fact is certain: his name is no longer present in the credits for the Borderlands movie.

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