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The last photo of Shakira’s children: A selfie of Piqué shows how much they have changed

Shakira and Gerard Piqué always try to maintain their privacy by keeping their children away from social networks. But there are moments when this famous couple relax and share with their fans their most precious treasure: Milan and Sasha.

In the most recent interview that the Barcelona player gave for the TV3 program “Nexes”, he confessed that his little ones live with “excessive pressure” due to the fame that both have for their profession, so from time to time they do not fall bad to brag about how your heirs have grown.

And so he has shared it with his Instagram followers. Since he started with his strange selfie posts, on the plane, on the pitch, at home, among other places, the defender of the famous Spanish team surprised everyone by taking a picture with his children.

Shakira’s “three musketeers”

While they were in a store, he took a few minutes to take a picture with the pair of little men, leaving everyone a fond memory of getting to know Shakira’s children up close. “The three musketeers,” titled the publication that reaches more than 1,300,000 “Like”, and about 10,200 comments.

Milan, 8 years old, every day more like his father, grows and grows. His big eyes, in addition to his mouth and the expression he achieves with his raised brow, makes him a faithful and exact copy of Barcelona’s number 3.

Even the color of their hair is similar and all three wear white round neck T-shirts. In the case of 6-year-old Sasha, he looks serious looking at the camera, but his features reveal that he inherited more features from his mother.

The color of her hair, lips and nose are the same as the interpreter of “Waka Waka”, but indisputably her big eyes are the same as those of Piqué.

Comparing this last snapshot with the image of 2019, in which Piqué gave a family portrait, the changes in the children are noticeable, as time passes and the spoiled ones of the house grow and change their appearance.

Her fans joked, and asked the singer to “take out the phone” from her boyfriend to stop his string of selfies that have been evolving since July 13, 2021. However, after the postcard with her children, They suggested that it is now “the turn” of the singer.

Others focused on celebrating the resemblance to their children: “Milan looks like his father”; “What a wonderful family you have”; “The brunette is the same as you and the blonde is like Shakira”; “The one on the left is the same”; “Go three scouts”; “Hahahaha they put your same face.”

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