The Latest price of the HP Samsung. March 2020: introduction to the series A, M, until the note


Price list of Samsung mobile phone. March 2020 start to A series, M series, up to Note

TRIBUNJATENG.COM SEMARANG – Samsung some time ago to add to the ranks of the mobile-phone of series A, namely the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the Samsung Galaxy A71.

This phone is sold as full line of Samsung mobile phones in traditional stores.

Then the series is what in conventional stores?

Here is a list and prices of the mobile phone is Samsung. March Note 2020 start to A series, M series, up to.

Price start from Rp 1 million to Rp 15 million.

1. Samsung Galaxy A10s variant with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM at a price of Rp 1.6 million.

2. Samsung Galaxy A20s with the internal 32 GB is priced at Rp 2 million.

3. Samsung Galaxy A20s with internal 64-GB-the price of 2.3 million.

4. Samsung Galaxy A30s with internal 64-GB-price from Usd 2.8 million.