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202 – F5 Networks, the report on the state of the application-Services (SOA) 2020: Edition the Asia-Pacific region announced. The results of this year’s survey shows, many companies realize the benefits of the increasing scale and speed of the application that you run in your business. However, this complexity can generate, which is important if a company strives to maintain the old infrastructure, but increasingly on some public cloud and private cloudyou implement the architecture of modern applications, and with a view on the threat landscape is constantly changing and increasingly demanding.

At the same time, the company, the implementation of application services developed, the implementation of accelerate in an environment public cloud and container-nativehow service network and ingress control. The survey data SOAS 2020 indicate that this trend quickly when a company-companies are increasingly competent in the use of the data generated by the ecosystem of applications that you. This creates the analytical ability to achieve advanced and better business results. Even so, the majority of companies are to improve speed, try the security of your applications, with a focus to the effort for the provision of services in the market as a security.

“In the digital economy that can increasingly create with each other in this time, the way companies connect with customers, and income, depends heavily on the experience of the digital supported by the application. In many ways, the app is no longer simply part of the business. The app is the company itself,” said Adam Judd, Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific, China and Japan on the F5 key. “This year’s report continued an important trend of dyeing business in the Asia-Pacific region, namely, the gap of skills in the area of security. Take advantage of the opportunity and break to invest through the cycle of the disrupsi sophisticated companies, which can build up in the HUMAN resources, technology, and, a reliable partner, and implement an application that is fast, always available, and is safe in all environments (on-premise or cloud).”

This report is the result of input from almost 2,600 respondents throughout the world (with 1,300 respondents from Asia and the Pacific) in a variety of industries, company size and role. The respondents were asked about the challenges and opportunities in the middle of the process of digital transformation at this time. Your responses will give a unique view of the trends shaping the landscape of applications and to transform how companies around the world, to the demands of the digital economy are changing constantly.

Results The Main Results Of The Survey

This survey shows that, if the companies manage, the old architecture, multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and run the application, the developed the requirements for the service applications. To overcome the limited skills and integration challenge, the organization you select ” open ecosystem that standardization offers. The respondents appreciate the service-application to operate a safe, secure and easy.

Overall, the main results for the Asia-Pacific region are found region that this region corresponds to the world as a whole in terms of the digital transformation. But dig a little deeper on the results of the market in the presence of the small differences between the companies in the region.

The respondents from countries such as Australia, new Zealand, ASEAN and India, the beginning of various projects of digital transformation, are reported new technologies in the process of operation. However, the answers will be presented, which also show that the various companies in these countries also challenges in the form of business applications, the an excessive amount of.

On the other hand, countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan are still in the early stages of the implementation of the initiatives of digital transformation. Some companies try to implement new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) or the automation of the infrastructure of your application. This report shows the in-depth study resulted in five major findings as follows:

  • 82% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region (global 80%) lead a digital transformation, which always emphasize, the acceleration of the provision of services in the market

Together with the adoption of the initiative, digital transformation carried out by the company that the initiative in process optimization, IT and business become more Mature. Many companies have moved beyond the basics of automation of business-processes and increasing their digital footprints with cloud, containers, and orchestration. Finally, you create a new ecosystem, and the enormous growth in the volume of API calls (API call). While 60% of the company, the application is very important for the economy, with 38% indicating the applications support the business and competitive advantage.

  • 86% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region (global 87%) have been fighting a multi-cloud, and a large part still with security problems.

Companies use public cloud to participate in the industry-ecosystem, taking advantage of the architecture of cloud-native, and the applications start quickly. The result is obvious, of the 28% of respondents in the Asia-Pacific, it is reported, more than half of their applications in the cloud by the end of 2020.

However, these companies are less confident in their ability to withstand attacks on the level (layer) application in the public cloud in comparison to the data center of the company internally (on-premise). In the entire Asia-Pacific region, 76% of companies reported gaps greatest ability is in the area of security. This difference is illustrated to find the growing need for a solution that implements easily, in order to ensure that the safety consistently in a variety of environments.

  • 71% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region (global 73%) to do the automation network to increase the efficiency.

Not surprisingly, considering the main drive digital transformation, namely the optimization of IT and business processes, most of these companies-automation network. Despite the challenges, the companies have the opportunity to receive and move in the direction of the implementation of sustainable, compatible, in the critical components: infrastructure, applications, service applications, network and security.

  • 68% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region (global 69%) with 10 or more service applications.

With the tires and increasing the ability of the application architecture cloud-native new, most of the firm service requests of applications, such as ingress control and service discovery both in the data center environment to both internal as well as in the public cloud. A landscape that is needed for modern applications in the service of modern applications to support the requirements of scale, security and availability.

  • 63% of the companies still operating, the main task of the service applications of IT, but more than half of the respondents change, the team that inspired DevOps.

Operations team and infrastructure, still bear the main responsibility for the selection and use of application services. But if the company is expanding its portfolio of cloud-based applications in native and container-native to them, the group “DevOps” – responsibility for the service application.