The latest success of the Gallardo Revolution: consolidating the club’s youth

Julián Álvarez, Santiago Simón, Enzo Fernández, some of the pillars of the new River Plate guard (Photo: Gettyimages)
Julián Álvarez, Santiago Simón, Enzo Fernández, some of the pillars of the new River Plate guard (Photo: Gettyimages)

Marcelo gallardo He has not stopped expanding his legend since that June 6, 2014 when he was presented as technical director of River plate. With him at the head of the team, the Núñez institution stomped across the continent and collected 13 new titles for its showcases. Before the recent Professional League, he won three Argentine Cups, two Argentine Super Cups, two Libertadores Cups, one South American Cup, three South American Recopas, and one Suruga Bank.

Beyond his sporting achievements with the first team, the Doll he also put together a real revolution within the youth club structure. So that today the fruits can be seen, the Millionaire He did an important job to build an ambitious goal: to achieve that in December 2021 a good part of the professional team is made up of players from the inferiors.

The native of Merlo low a series of commandments aimed at the different technical directors of the quarry. “The key is Marcelo’s lowering of the line in terms of football style, tactical system and the form of training. Talks are held on all these items where Marcelo sets the directives so that there is a uniform line from professional football to Children ”, Gabriel Rodríguez commented to this site. Another of Gallardo’s requests is that each division play in the same way and with the same tactical systems that the major uses.

One of the main rules to comply with is that of “he who does not run, does not play”. River has a school that proclaims good football, which is aggiornó to modern times: more delivery doses were added to River’s classic DNA.

Marcelo Gallardo, protagonist of one of the videoconferences with the lower division players (@RiverPlate)
Marcelo Gallardo, protagonist of one of the videoconferences with the lower division players (@RiverPlate)

During the pandemic, he also looked for variants to maintain the bond with the youngest. In addition to dialoguing with the boys through virtual conferences, the DT also transferred one of its modalities to the lower ones: the video library. 9 referents of the first team analyzed different situations with athletes who move in the same position so that they can see first-hand what they are asking for Napoleon. For example, the first to teach these classes was Javier Pinola.

In the midst of an atypical season due to the coronavirus, weight starts (such as those of Gonzalo Montiel and Rafael Santos Borré) and affected by a significant string of injuries, Marcelo Gallardo was forced to speed up the times and bet on the kids, who responded more than anything else and won a leading role in the final stretch of the Professional League. In addition to the recent loss of Enzo Pérez due to an elbow injury, during the year the Millionaire he had to reinvent himself to make up for the absences of Matías Suárez, Nicolás De La Cruz and Javier Pinola, among others.

“That was a job that has to be planted for 6 or 7 years. When we arrived we had nothing, except for some exceptions. Today River has them, and not only in the first team, but also in the National Team. In 3 or 4 years you will find a large number of players who reach the First Division. This is like a plant, like a tree, which first grows downwards and after several years the tree and the fruits appear. This is the model. In the coming years River will have a squad where the majority will be from the quarry”, Explained Rodolfo D’Onofrio to Infobae.

Julián Álvarez, the great jewel of Argentine football (Telam)
Julián Álvarez, the great jewel of Argentine football (Telam)

Most of the flashes are taken by Julián Álvarez, product of his power, imbalance, intelligence and scoring nose. At 21, the Spider It is the great promise of Argentine football, with a presence in the national team and a European future. As a result of his 16 goals and 8 assists in only 17 appearances in the local tournament (the change in position was key, taking him from the right side to place himself in the center of the attack), the native of Calchín, Córdoba, is closely followed by the main teams on the planet, such as Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus and Ajax.

A step below also appear two talents that were loaned to Defense and Justice to gain contact and experience so that later they become important pieces for the coach, such as Héctor David Martínez and Enzo Fernández.

The central marker, for whom the leadership is already moving to retain it since it must return to Florencio Varela after the end of its loan (the two clubs share their file, but the federative rights now belong to the Hawk), was a starter during practically the entire competition (except when he was injured) and is regularly called up by the Paraguay National Team.

The midfielder went from lowest to highest until he became one of the best players on the squad in the final stretch of the championship. The 20-year-old, who was already called up by Lionel Scaloni to the major, contributed a goal (against Vélez) and provided two assists in 16 games.

“Sometimes we see that there are young players of ours who have a projection, but who are not yet ready to play in the River Primera. Either because they don’t have the rhythm or because there are players ahead of them who are better. So, for some players who have 15 or 20 games in Reserve, which is a good process, they have the possibility of adding minutes in a First Division before that in Reserve, we consider that this change also opens their heads. Sometimes it is good for them to see other things to realize that when they return – if they return because they have to earn merit to return – that being here is very valuable”, Explained the coach at a press conference when asked by the boys who were loaned to other clubs and who have now earned a place in the Millionaire.

And then he added: “With Enzo Fernandez we had that. When I told him that I needed him to come out, it was so that he could catch up with the rhythm of Primera and I clarified that it would not be enough if he only settled for playing 20 games or nothing. He was going to have to come prepared from Defense and Justice and that is why it cost him in the first stage even though he was champion. Today is in good weather and that makes me happy. The players redouble their efforts and I like that, here the demand is much higher. He is a player who can contribute from the inside, from the middle, a little later, he has a very important role in understanding the game, I can use him in various places and he will do well. He understands the game, he got a little more dynamic in his physique and he is a player with personality and therefore I consider him with an important role in the team ”.

They also knew how to earn a place within the eleven Santiago Simón and Benjamín Rollheiser (Today he is out of the team due to a muscle injury). The 19-year-old midfielder, who knew how to participate in 12 matches and give two assists (versus Boca and San Lorenzo), brings deployment and balance, although he is also capable of breaking on the sides. A similar case is that of the 21-year-old forward.

Given the large number of casualties suffered by the squad in the last row, Marcelo Gallardo also gave rise to other footballers, such as Tomás Lecanda and Felipe Peña Biafore (suffered a torn cruciate ligament).

This is nothing new, rather a continuity within a process. For example, during these almost eight years he also made his debut other outstanding players, such as Emmanuel Mammana, Guido Rodriguez, Exequiel Palaces, Luke Martinez Quarta.

If he chooses to extend his contractual relationship, which ends in December, the coach’s idea is to take another step forward and install more young talents within the first team.


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