The Latest Update Siri, Can Advise You About The Corona Virus


IN the middle of the plight of the global corona-virus, it is a good news for the iPhone users. Because now iPhone users can ask Siri if you are infected with the corona virus.

Virtual assistant from Apple, has recently launched a new update where users rapid screening of the symptoms of corona-virus.

Quoted from: page CNBC, the update was a user on some iPhone to know. Where Siri will give you a questionnaire or no, if the user issues ‘Hey Siri, I have the coronavirus‘and the like.

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Virtual assistant Siri from Apple
Siri can answer questions about the corona (photo: live mint)

Siri asks if the user experience the iPhone problems, the corona virus, such as fever, shortness of breath or a dry cough. Then Siri users who experience severe symptoms or life-threatening, consider contacting 911 to advise.

If the user says, the symptoms are not severe, or endanger the life, to give Siri instructions to the user to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

However, if the conditions of the users will know is always worse then siri, it is recommended that the health facilities.

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In addition to Siri is with a link to the App Store where Apple users can download the health app, as well as consultation with the medical staff online.

Virtual assistant from Apple Siri in the United States
However, this applies only in the United States (photo: cover of apple)

In context, Apple said, if one of the responses from Siri, the The U.S. Public Health Service and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Now the new feature of Siri, which is intended for users in the United States. No word yet if this function is presented to the global.

Information about corona-virus, Apple is not the only giant technology company that uses its resources to health authorities in the fight against a pandemic virus corona.

So far, Facebook has also announced it will install the information center of the corona virus in the news feeds of the users. In addition, Google recently launched a website to provide information about the corona virus. (ryn)

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