The launch of the Microsoft Xbox X-series and Sony PlayStation 5 Moved



TOKYO Gamers waiting for the launch of the two consoles the game popular, namely, the Microsoft Xbox X-series and Sony the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, you will have to wait patiently, to be able to play it.

Website Wccftech The report, the suspect is the latest news from the research firm in the games industry, DFC Intelligence, it supply chain problems caused by the pandemic virus Corona. It causes, to solve the next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony lose it in the moment, it is about Christmas 2020.

Simply put, the launch of the Microsoft Xbox X-series and the Sony PlayStation 5 will be delayed. Of course, this is not official information. But there are many reasons to think that the console the game to be announced much later than planned.

Reported by Phone Arena DFC Intelligence claims that outbreaks may have short-term impact on the delivery of the Microsoft Xbox X-series and Sony the PlayStation 5. And the possibility of at least one of the two consoles will not be launched in 2020.

Even if they are released, according to the schedule, the inventory is limited. Not only that, the effects of the Corona virus can also hoist the first price is higher than expected, player.

Sources believe that the economy is currently in a state of uncertainty, unprecedented. Even if the situation will subside in a couple of weeks, it already affects the creation of a console game.

It should be noted, the message is not consistent with reports from AMD that the production is not affected.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox-X series will be released for the recording of the demand of the consumers. The challenge for Sony and Microsoft makes sure to give you a system that meets the expectations.