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The Laurence Bédard thing is very beast. What a pair it has, not even Eva Padlock!

The beauty of Canadians is on everyone’s lips right now, blondes specifically with Natalie Gauvreau and Laurent Bédard as maximum exponents. Although, to tell the truth, with them the North Americans are enough to be able to boast of front, back and beauty well ahead of other countries. Although to tell the truth in the case of Bédard it does not matter if it is a long golden hair, a short or a brunette, since it has gone through different stages in which it has changed its look regularly, but in all forms and ways it peta, in the style of Eva Padlock in Spain.

And his compatriot too, only Laurent’s anatomical peculiarity makes it an icon for a wider audience, including the followers of fitness models, those who usually follow in the footsteps of more exuberant and voluptuous women and then him rock public and who loves tattoos. All these viewers can be covered by a Canadian model who sweeps Instagram.

In fact, recent surveys indicate body drawings as one of the elements of these times and a characteristic that gives a plus to both men and women, that is, people are more attracted to a woman with tattoos than one without them. That exoticism It is the extra that Laurent has (in addition to his impressive physique, which is difficult to find a but) and that is making her grow like foam.

And it also has secrets hidden in its instagram wall that reveal more unique characteristics that make Laurent addictive. To his beauty, his lines and his tattoos he joins his passion for exercise (you could not have a body like this without him) but it is that share your routines with a counterpart in everything, this time brunette, that make her photos and videos have a couple of huge reasons to follow them with intensity. She is Valérie Cossette and everything is left over. Look, two for one!

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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