“The Legend of Gianluca Vialli”, the official sponsor of the Magma players of the “Wine of Champions” dream team.

Will Magma official technical sponsor of the players Dream Team “Wine of Champions”on the occasion of the football matchThe Legend of Gianluca Viallischeduled for Sunday, September 10 at 21:00 at the Oreste Granillo stadium in Reggio Calabria.

The event, organized in memory of the great footballer of the Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea national team, who passed away on January 6, will be attended by various football stars and representatives of show business.

The event will be attended by: Ivan Zamorano, Marco Materazzi, Kafu, John Terry, Vincent Candela, Ernesto Chevanton, Sebastian Frey, Diego Lugano and many other actors, singers and friends of the unforgettable late football player.

Fabio Cordella’s dream team “Wine of Champions” will meet the national Azzurri team of Alessandro Arena in a commemorative solidarity event in favor of children with autism. In fact, the proceeds will be donated to We Aut, an organization specializing in helping children with autism.

Magma President, Dr. Maurice Sun, recalls the memorable football player and expresses his satisfaction with the support of this laudable and meaningful undertaking: “Vialli was a champion both in football and in life,” he says. A man who, with extraordinary courage, fought his illness to the end, never giving up. The “Legend of Gianluca Vialli” is an important event that Magma is happy to support, primarily because it is associated with charity and a noble mission. Autism is a complex condition that profoundly affects the lives of sufferers and their families. This case is close to our hearts,” concludes Irpinia’s top manager, “that’s why we believe in the awareness of the public and the entire community in order to continue to break down barriers and promote greater integration of autistic children into society.”

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