The Leprechaun, Felipe Vargas Will Direct the Next Film on the Icon of Irish Folklore

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little man Lionsgate has the longest running franchise in history and now a new horror title is on the horizon, ready to terrify a new generation of moviegoers. The new film will be directed by Felipe Vargas, the award-winning director of the short film Milk Teeth, who will be working from a screenplay written by Mike Van Wees.

Roy Lee, one of the legends of horror cinema, will be producing the film under his Vertigo Entertainment. The first film in the Leprechaun saga dates back to 1993 starring Warwick DavisShu-shine as the Leprechaun, keeper of gold and dispenser of vengeance. The film is also noted for being the film debut of a very young Jennifer Aniston.

Davis has played the cunning gnome in six films, and since 2000 he has become part of the Lionsgate universe, known for his low-budget saga. A precursor franchise to The Hunger Games, Saw and John Wick. Relive the trailer for the latest cinematic chapter, The Leprechaun Returns, on our site.

“Thirty years after its debut, this franchise is still creating magic and we are thrilled to bring it back with a new vision. Roy (Lee) and Miri (Yoon) are two of our most trusted creators, especially for this genre. In, and we’re thrilled with Felipe’s (Vargas) approach to the film as a director. In his hands this film should be very scary and fun.” said Erin Westman, president of Motion Picture Group Production at Lionsgate.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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