The license to the U.S. government to submit to Google Again do business with Huawei?

153 – Google seems to miss with Huawei. Technology company with headquarters in the United States of America (USA) that continue business relations with Huawei to. The relationship between the two has been nearly cut off for a year of the black Person by the U.S. government, which prohibits the dealing business with Chinese companies.

Longing, the Google with Huawei reported from GSMArenaOn Sunday (1/3), as shown by the reports mentioned, Google has recently filed a petition to the US government will be able to again do business with Huawei. Petition filed in connection with the liberation by the US government, which allows, for the license of the re Huawei, use the service Mobile.

As already mentioned above, Huawei the the United States since may of 2019., registered in the list of facilities, This led to Huawei do not have access to technologies in connection with the United States include the Google Mobile Services. Unless expressly excluded by the U.S. government itself. Microsoft is a company, which is an exception and work with Huawei can now.

If Google is granted similar exemptions, Huawei may immediately update the device with the current Service-Google Mobile. It means that the app and service such as Play Store, Maps, Photos, YouTube and Gmail you can go back in smartphone Android Huawei.

Huawei does not remain silent. While the relationship between the Chinese government and the United States, the impact on the relationship Huawei and Google heats will be separated-so, Huawei has already made other plans.

Huawei is known, a service to develop Mobile Services own with the name Huawei Mobile Services as an alternative to the GMS or Google Mobile Service. But HMS are still limited and do not replace a GMS full.

Some users resorted to, to the exclusion of Google services on your device Huawei. But Google had warned him, because it is the door for the hackers opened up the potential for the application to be false and damaging to the user’s device.

Editor : As Nurul Adriyana Salbiah

Reporter : Rian Alfianto